0358855100 number legit or not: Complete details

    0358855100 number legit or not: Complete details

    If you get calls from “0358855100” but do not know, who is calling you then you are at the right place. Read this article from start to end to get useful information about this number.

    What are 0358855100?

    0358855100 is a number that is involved in a scam. People receive calls from this number and sometimes they get a whole day’s calls from this number.

    People reported that when they attend the call, the caller of this number is a woman who is promoting insurance and investment services. When people asked the caller if they are not interested now, what they can do if they are interested in taking their services.

    The caller advised them to visit the nearest branch. She also offers them a call from their executive officer if people are interested in taking their services.

    She also gave an email option to the people. When people give them their credentials, they can scam them and use their personal information for fraudulent activities.

    Some people reviewed this number as a fraud while some people said that it is a legit telemarketing call from the “MayBank” bank for their insurance and investment.

    People said that this number is the real number of “Maybank” by which they promote their credit card, investment, and insurance services if you have an account with them.


    Are 0358855100 legit or not?

    On several review platforms and websites on the internet, many people reported this number is being used by scammers for promoting and convincing people to take their insurance and credit card services while many people reported this number as the real number of “Maybank” bank which is used this number for telemarketing services to promote their services and insurance programs.

    However, scammers can also use this number. Scammers can claim from a legit service provider by using their number with the help of spoofing technology. Spoofing technology is a technology by which the callers can represent the caller ID as a legitimate service.

    If you get the call by 0358855100, then you should be aware. You should avoid sharing your personal call information. If they are promoting some services and you are interested to get their services then you should visit their physical location to avoid any type of scam.

    What is an insurance scam?

    These days, scammers are busy with fraudulent activities and make innocent people fool. If you get a call and the caller claimed to, be a bank agent to promote insurance services but they are not legit then it is an insurance scam.

    An insurance scam refers to a fraudulent activity that is committed to getting money from people by providing them with insurance services or getting their personal or financial information to use for fraudulent activities.

    In this type of fraud, the scammer claimed to be a bank agent and it promotes insurance programs to the customers. They use high-pressure sales tactics to convince the customer to sign up for an insurance policy that is not legit and trap them into a scam.

    If you get such calls then you should always remember that the licensed and registered insurance agents or brokers offer legitimate insurance products or programs, not bank representatives. If you want to protect yourself from such scams then you should always confirm that the service provider is legit or a scam by searching them on the internet.

    Every legit service has an active and continuous activity on the internet to promote their services and to interact with their customers such as websites and blogs.

    How to avoid being scammed by 0358855100

    If you get a call from this number, then you should avoid answering the call but if you accidentally pick up the call then you should avoid sharing your personal, professional, or financial information with the caller.




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