1 \ Graphic Design

1 \ Graphic Design

Graphic design. Adobe CC. Image edition. Adobe Photoshop CC. Vector drawing, Adobe Illustrator CC. Document layout, Adobe Indesign CC. Visual communication projects.

2 \ Web Design: 1 \ Graphic Design

Introduction. HTML. CSS3. Design and aesthetics. Web Publishing. Web optimization.

3 \ Web programming: 1 \ Graphic Design

Javascript language. DOM and events in Javascript. Moving forward in Javascript. AJAX and jQuery. HTML5 and CSS3.

4 \ PHP / MySQL

Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL. MySQL. PHP basics. Advanced PHP concepts. PHP – MySQL. Publication on the Web.

5 \ Website Creation with WordPress

Introduction to WordPress. Operation and interface. Topics. Inner core. Plugins and custom feature extensions. Improvement techniques and other resources.

6 \ Ecommerce

Introduction. Electronic commerce Development of an online project. E-Commerce platforms. Logistics and legislation. Digital marketing for e-Commerce.

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