10 Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Ensuite Renovations

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Ensuite Renovations


Whether you’re remodelling the ensuite or beginning from scratch, it’s both exciting and terrifying but worth all the time to do it properly. After all, this is the one room in the house that is all for you — a place to unwind, recharge, and put on your game face for the day ahead.


Modern bathroom designs require some preparation and consideration to be successful. If you’re ready to renovate your ensuite but don’t know where to start, we’re here to assist. Use this post’s recommendations as a roadmap for brainstorming the modern bathroom ideas you will need to bring your vision into reality.


Do: Aim for a Timeless Aesthetic

Given the costs of ensuite renovations, it’s best to make your high-end purchases such as tiles and the vanity as neutral as possible. Allowing these aspects to be a blank canvas so you can easily adjust the décor of your modern bathroom design as the trends shift.


Remember that adding these neutral items does not imply that your bathroom will be dull. Incorporate your personality into the room by adding accessories that are easy to modify over time. Consider utilising a few aesthetically appealing items such as bright paint colours, mirrors, hand towels, and floor coverings.


Don’t: Forget About Natural Light

Natural light is a necessary component of any modern bathroom design. If feasible, consider a skylight if your location does not allow for an external window. Southern-facing windows supply the best amount of light year-round, without the heat burden that a north- or west-facing skylight will provide. An adjustable skylight is an excellent modern bathroom idea for assisting natural ventilation, but if your budget does not allow for that, a fixed skylight will give the ensuite essential lighting.


Do: Make Use of Wooden Features for Warmth and Natural Charm

Ensuites are often clinical rooms with a focus on cleanliness, so to enhance natural warmth, use timber veneer on drawer fronts. Unlike a shower recess or mirror, drawer and cabinet fronts do not require much cleaning, making them an ideal location for any tactile materials. You might match the veneer with flooring or a timber feature wall elsewhere in your home to create visual coherence.


Do: Include Power-Points in Strategic Locations

A clever modern bathroom idea is to enquire with your electrician about installing electrical outlets within your mirror cabinet. It allows you to have an electric toothbrush or shaver charged and ready to go, plus it looks far more professional than installing power outlets on the wall tiles.


Don’t: Attempt to Cram Everything in

Unless you have a huge ensuite, don’t try to cram a family-sized bathroom into the area. Keep the bathtub in the family bathroom where your children may use it and incorporate clever storage or a slimline vanity rather than a bulky design.


Instead, keep the arrangement simple as ensuites are typically smaller than family bathrooms, so keep the layout basic to optimise the space and avoid it from looking cluttered. By placing the basin, toilet, and shower along one wall, circulation space on the opposite side of the room is preserved, making the room feel bigger and more pleasant to walk around in.


Do: Consider Under-Floor Heating

Underfloor heating is a rare modern bathroom idea that provides both functional and elegant benefits to your ensuite. Under-tile heating is installed over the substrate after waterproofing and before the floor tiles are installed. Some systems include a programmable timer that turns on the warmth before I get up and then dries the area after I’ve used it.


Do: Incorporate Recessed Storage

Storage is one aspect of a modern bathroom design that sometimes goes unnoticed but is very necessary. Whether you want to keep additional toiletries or a couple of pairs of guest towels, having them on hand when you need them is a huge advantage.


Using existing wall voids to expand space or add more storage with a recess shaving cabinet or a soap niche in the shower are lovely modern bathroom ideas.


The more space you can create by recessing the wall, the more space you’ll have in your ensuite. So, consider constructing a fake wall or pushing out a wall to incorporate extra storage. Even if relocating walls is out of the question, choosing an organising unit that complements your style will give your area a professional appearance that is well worth the extra time and money.


Don’t: Purchase Bathroom Fixtures with only a One-Year Warranty

Any bathroom fixture with a short warranty is unlikely to last, and you will have to replace them as well as perhaps redo the tiling, which will cost you more in the long run. Instead, make sure all your ensuite components have at least a two- to three-year warranty. If something does break, never attempt a remodel yourself unless you have a trade certification. Bathrooms and ensuites sell houses; if yours is poorly done, it will not only appear unappealing, but it will depreciate your property as well.


Do: Wall-Mount Your Vanity and Toilet

Skip the wall-to-wall vanity and exposed back toilets. Instead, opt for floating designs as this tends to free up the area and instantly expands the appearance of your ensuite. These fixtures appear to be ‘floating’ above the floor because the vanity and toilet pan is wall-mounted, allowing your floor tiles to stretch to the walls. This modern bathroom idea is beneficial if you have a huge vanity or a small bathroom; these wall-mounted fixtures also make it easier to sweep and wash the floors.


Don’t: Hire the Cheapest Professionals for Your Modern Bathroom Design

Never use a tradesperson who provides a significantly lower estimate than other bathroom renovation companies – “cheap” fees typically indicate poor quality. As a result, you are risking a half-finished ensuite that you may have to live with for months.


An ensuite is a homeowner’s refuge – a place where you can escape from friends and family – so don’t be afraid to indulge a bit! Consider installing underfloor heating or upgrading to finer tapware or more opulent tiling. You’re likely to love these luxurious features every time you use the room!


Modern bathroom designs may be difficult to get right, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. If you’re planning an ensuite renovation but aren’t sure where to begin or what to select, skilled bathroom renovation companies have got you covered.


Always consider hiring a reputable bathroom renovation company, as they have decades of experience producing high-quality modern bathroom designs, allowing your bathroom renovation ideas to come to fruition!

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