10 reasons to learn Japanese

10 reasons to learn Japanese

In closing, we give you ten good reasons to learn Japanese. Here are the main 10 reasons to learn Japanese.

  1. Mastering a language with an alphabet very different from Spanish and Latin
  2. Discover the incredible wealth of Japanese culture
  3. Stroll through one of the most delusional capitals in the world: Tokyo
  4. Read manga in original version
  5. Appreciate Japanese cinema
  6. Get to know Japanese cuisine better
  7. Travel around all the islands of Japan
  8. Visit the legendary temples of the city of Kyoto
  9. Find a job and live in the 3rd economic power in the world
  10. Discover a different script with Japanese calligraphy

In 2014, the 400th anniversary of the exchange between the two countries was celebrated.

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