We get calls from many unknown numbers by which some are legit and made mistakes but some are made to fall the recipient in a scam. 2012000014 is also a number that is reported to call many people. If you also get calls from this number and want to know about it then you are at the right place. Read this article to get useful information about this number.

    Are 2012000014 legit or not?

    Many people reported on different platforms on the internet that they received calls from this number. This phone number also has other formats including (201) 200-0014, +1 201-200-0014, +12012000014, and 2012000014.

    People reported this number as a scam. Some people reported this number belongs to the “Vehicle Warranty Scam.”If you get calls from this number then you should be careful. If you find the call suspicious and are sure that, this is a scam then you should report the number and review the number on several platforms to protect others from the scam.

    What is a vehicle warranty fraud in which 2012000014 may involve?

    2012000014 are reported to be involved in vehicle warranty scams by many people. A vehicle warranty scam is a type of fraudulent activity in which a scammer offers a fake vehicle warranty to unsuspecting car owners. This scam commonly begins with a phone call or unsolicited messages, letters, and emails that claim to offer an extended warranty for the recipient’s car.

    The callers in this scam use several ways to convince the recipient that their car’s warranty is near to expire or that the recipient will face expensive repairs without a warranty. They may ask recipient’s personal information like the car owner’s name and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Then they may use the personal information for fraudulent activities.

    In some cases, scammers may request payment upfront for warranty or ask for bank account and credit card information that they can use to steal money from the recipient.

    Therefore, when you get any call for a vehicle warranty then you should first verify the legitimacy of the call. Verify the organization and the caller. Take time and research to verify the authenticity of the caller and the organization he/she claimed to be from.

    How to identify the Vehicle Warranty Scam

    Following are some signs to identify the vehicle warranty scam:

    • Unsolicited calls

    If you get calls and messages from a company claiming to offer a vehicle warranty then you should be cautious. You should verify the legitimacy of the company by searching on the internet before processing further. You should remember that the legit warranty providers do not contact individuals like this.

    • Pressure tactics

    Scammers usually use pressure tactics to try to get you to buy their fake warranty. If the caller threatens you then this is a sign of a scam. They ask you to quickly take action but you should be cautious and avoid doing anything before verifying the caller

    • Request payment from uncommon methods

    If the caller requests payment from uncommon methods like wire transactions, cryptocurrency, and other ways then they may be a scam. Legit service providers use known ways for payment like credit cards or bank accounts.

    • Ask for personal information

    you should beware of the callers who asked for information. Do not share your personal information with anyone upon asking. They can use your information like your social security number and bank detail for identity stealing or for other fraudulent activities.

    How to stop being scammed by scammers

    You can easily stop being scammed by scammers by taking some safety measures that are given below:

    Avoid attending calls from unknown numbers and do not respond to messages, which contain links because they can affect your privacy, and steal the data inside your device. Do not share any type of personal information with anyone upon asking.


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