5 reasons to jump into learning the Confucian language

5 reasons to jump into learning the Confucian language

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The advantages of learning the Asian language
Learn Chinese to work in China
Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture
Learn Chinese to visit China
Learn Chinese by studying a language far removed from ours
“Life is opening up to others, not closing in on yourself”, Laurent Gounelle, French writer.
To demonstrate their openness and discover a mysterious language, Spanish students have made Chinese the 5th most studied language in schools.
An enthusiasm that can be explained by Chinese culture, but also by its very particular linguistic system: eager to learn the meaning of ideograms, Spaniards set out to meet our Asian friends thanks, for example, to language stays.
If you go to class with a private Chinese teacher , it is possible to master phonetics and the Chinese accent in less than a year.

The advantages of learning the Asian language: 5 reasons to jump into learning the Confucian language

Whichever language you choose, opening up to a new culture through language learning has considerable advantages for the mind.
According to a 2015 Journal of Neuroscience study , bilinguals would have better cognitive flexibility and use less energy to complete a task than their peers who speak no more than their mother tongue.
The Chinese language in particular is a miracle tool for working the brain: its announcers would be affected by Alzheimer’s disease much later , as Chinese characters strengthen memory.
The art of calligraphy helps develop artistic sense.
The characters kanji, kana and katakana are not just for writing, far from it.
Mastering Chinese writing allows you to discover the art of its calligraphy , which develops creative sense and skill.
There are a thousand and one reasons to learn to speak Chinese: behind the supposed difficulty of the language lies a language full of ancient cultural references.
To understand these references, it is necessary to know the characters: it is estimated that to understand the Chinese of everyday life, it is enough to know around 3,000 ideograms.
At a regular rate, a Spaniard can obtain a very good level of Chinese in just one year.
Also, the Chinese language has no conjugations. Forming sentences in Chinese is therefore much easier than writing or speaking Spanish.

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