6 Warning Signs of Low-Quality Turf and Commercial Turf Suppliers

6 Warning Signs of Low-Quality Turf and Commercial Turf Suppliers


Access to green areas contributes several tremendous advantages to residential and commercial spaces, providing therapeutic appeal to the public, filtering pollutants, and reducing heat. Although as demands for types of buffalo grass increases every year, the commercial turf industry is rapidly expanding in Australia and across the world.


As a result, when homeowners decide to give their yard a facelift, it may be a surprise to learn that not all turf suppliers offer reliable services!


It goes without saying that you want to deal with a reputable turf supplier with high-quality products. So doing your homework before selecting a commercial turf supplier will make a massive difference in the quality of the products and services you receive.


As purchasing and installing low-quality grass detracts from the aesthetics of your outdoor space and contradicts the point of initially investing in a new turf installation.


Unfortunately, identifying poor quality turf or a shady turf supplier is not always obvious, but it’s much easier to notice the difference when you know what to look for. So, here are six pointers to help you become an expert at identifying low-quality grass!


Price-Based Quality

Just like buying any other product or service, you get what you pay for, meaning cheap grass = low quality.


While low-quality grass may be less expensive in the short term, typically, cheaper-quality turf will not survive the car ride home! Cheap grass is easily prone to wearing away or becoming brown shortly after being laid. As a result, you will most likely need a replacement much sooner than you anticipated.


Adequately cultivated and well-cared for turf will not be sold at a low price. However, high-quality turf will be of exceptional quality and will look wonderful for a very long time if properly cared for.


Dehydrated Turf

Before purchasing, make sure you closely inspect the turf in person, as the faults will become a lot clearer. Ensure the turf is not dry to the touch; if the grass blades feel like straw, it’s not fresh and is dehydrated. When grass is stored rather than cut fresh, it develops an unpleasant and gritty texture, which will require a lot of water to rehydrate and come back to life (if it ever does!).


Turf Storage in Direct Sunlight

When inspecting turf, take notice of where the commercial turf supplier stores it. If the turf is being stored in direct sunlight, this is a warning sign of poor quality and shows the limited experience of the turf supplier.


Unlaid turf should not be stored in direct sunlight since the high heat accelerates deterioration, resulting in dryness and discolouration.


Rolled-up grass typically has a 24-hour shelf life and is not designed to be left out in the Australian summer sun. Therefore, purchasing freshly cut grass directly from a grower is the best method to ensure top quality turf for your yard.


Long-Term Turf Storage

To extrapolate from the last point further, turf is an organic and living product not intended for long-term preservation. As a result, turf rolled up and stored for an extended amount of time will begin to fade and go off.


When selecting turf from commercial turf suppliers, you should avoid any products sitting on display or in a storage shed for a long time, as this practically ensures the turf is not fresh.


Turf has a limited and unstable shelf-life, which is considerably impacted by the temperature and time of year. Hence, a high-quality commercial turf supplier will always sell turf freshly cut rather than stored!


Certification of Authenticity

As a buyer, you can request a certificate of authenticity from your commercial turf supplier for any Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) turf they offer. PBR refers to exclusive rights awarded to a new kind of grass breeder, allowing them total control over its cultivation and sale.


If a provider is offering PBR grass, they should be able (and willing!) to produce this certification to demonstrate that their turf is authentic and hence of high quality. If they don’t, they could be offering you a low-quality or fake turf variety.


Keep an eye out for any indications that the grass you’re purchasing is not what it appears to be. The golden guideline is always to ensure the turf is cut fresh for you by going straight to the source.


Third-Party Sales

Turf sold in supermarkets or garden centres has typically been cut days before and will not be fresh, affecting the quality. Even if high-quality grass is acquired and sold by third parties, turf quickly loses its freshness after being cut and kept, particularly if displayed outside.


People frequently fail to see the benefits of purchasing grass straight from the farm, so here are some of the best advantages, including:

  • Freshness – Purchasing turf directly from the farm ensures freshly cut and weed-free grass. Installing a freshly cut lawn improves the air quality of your home significantly.


  • Affordability – One of the essential factors to consider when purchasing grass is its cost. If you’re a practical person, buying turf straight from a reputable commercial turf supplier will save you money in the long run.


  • Expert Guidance – If you buy turf from an experienced commercial turf supplier, you will receive expert advice. Only professionals can provide grass installation recommendations, and they are critical if you want to keep your Sydney lawn green, welcoming, and luxurious.


  • Quality – Grass resellers cannot give the warranty and guarantee that experienced commercial turf suppliers can, which results in a significant price difference.


What is the Best Type of Turf for Sydney?

When it comes to installing fresh turf in Sydney, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the greatest turf for your area and needs. When choosing the perfect grass type, homeowners must consider how much water, light, and shade their yard regions typically receive.


If you live in Sydney, you’ll know that our weather is unusual in that it may change dramatically from day-to-day. Because of this unpredictability, selecting a grass type that is tolerant enough to endure these fluctuations is critical.


In general, any types of buffalo grass is the best choice for turfs Sydney and NSW backyards because they are attractive, functional, simple to maintain, and incredibly resistant to the seasonal changes that occur in Sydney. Most types of buffalo grass require less water and maintenance, producing thriving robust and green lawns even throughout hot Australian summers.


There are many types of buffalo grasses cultivated by reputable commercial turf suppliers. But most commonly, Palmetto Buffalo, Matilda Buffalo, and Sapphire Buffalo are frequently found to be the best option for any area in Sydney.


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