7 professionals, you need to develop an inbound strategy

7 professionals, you need to develop an inbound strategy

Building a good digital marketing team is essential to outperform the competition

7 professionals you need to develop an inbound strategy


Before launching an inbound strategy , it is necessary to have a digital marketing team that has experience in web positioning, content production and demand generation. However, the task is not as simple as it seems, because this method is recently applied in Latin America . Next, we will explain what are the digital marketing profiles that you should consider and what functions each one must fulfill.

Digital marketing profiles to implement the Inbound strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategist 

It is the cornerstone of the Inbound transformation. The strategist is in charge of investigating the needs of consumers and proposes conversion paths. As it does? Developing the following actions:

  • ✔ Study the target customers (called buyer personas)
  • ✔ Trace conversion paths to attract and convert those buyer personas
  • ✔ Plan and execute the Inbound strategy 
  • ✔ Supervises the production, publication and dissemination of content through the website (blog) and social networks
  • ✔ Collect data from consumers who arrive on the company’s website thanks to the Inbound strategy
  • ✔ Deliver that data (personal and search) to the sales department, to increase closing rates
  • ✔ And measure the performance of the strategy every month, to apply the necessary adjustments

Content Strategist (Content Manager)

The Content Manager is indispensable in the digital marketing team. The content strategy , which is the backbone of the Inbound method, depends on it. It is essential that you have experience in social media management and that your career is related to communications. Among his responsibilities, he highlights:

  • ✔ Create an editorial calendar that conforms to the objectives of the Inbound strategy
  • ✔ Plan and supervise the production, publication and dissemination of content
  • ✔ Guarantee that the content is original, creative, relevant and of quality. That hooks the audience
  • ✔ Convert strangers into potential customers 
  • ✔ And please consumers

For this purpose, you must be familiar with the creation of corporate texts, blogs, newsletters, ebooks, videos, texts for social networks and any other type of content that can reach the target audience. 

Digital Marketing Team: Expert in SEO and SEM

One of the new digital marketing profiles is the SEO and SEM specialist, responsible for positioning the company’s website on the first page of Google. To meet this goal, you must:

  • ✔ Identify what terms users use on the internet to search for information about the products or services offered by the company (Keywords Analysis)
  • ✔ Specify the technical aspects that must be taken into account during content production: titles, subtitles, image characteristics, etc.
  • ✔ Rank by level of difficulty which Keywords should be addressed first
  • ✔ Pass this data to the Content Manager for the development of the editorial calendar
  • ✔ Ensure that the website maintains a clean and well organized internal and external link structure
  • ✔ Develop a Linkbuilding strategy to increase the authority of the website in the Google ranking
  • ✔ Activate PPC actions, such as Adwords campaigns or social media campaign
  • ✔ And indicate what technical modifications should be taken into account during the WEB design, for the SEO optimization of the site

SEO writer

The copywriter’s job is to produce content, following the strategist’s parameters. A journalist can perfectly take on this job, as long as he has technical knowledge of SEO. Otherwise, your articles will not be ranked in Google. But in general, you must ensure that: 

  • ✔ The information comes from reliable sources 
  • ✔ The texts you produce are original and creative
  • ✔ The text is oriented to capture the attention of consumers 

digital marketing team

Expert in social networks (Social media manager or Community Manager)

Among the digital marketing profiles that we point out in this article, the Community Manager is the best known. The social media expert will know exactly which platforms are best for the company and what actions to take to make the brand visible. 

For your actions to enhance the Inbound strategy, it is necessary:

  • ✔ Identify in which social networks the buyer personas are
  • ✔ Study the behavior of each social network to attract consumers
  • ✔ Develop a plan perfectly aligned with the content strategy
  • ✔ Assess whether posts attract qualified customers
  • ✔ Determine if those qualified customers move from social media to blog
  • ✔ Analyze what type of content produces better results
  • ✔ Measure the performance of social networks, month by month
  • ✔ Define the personality of the brand to create a style guide
  • ✔ And respect those parameters in each publication, response or action that is executed 

Web designer 

The digital marketing team needs a web designer in their ranks, especially if the company is targeting the top of Google. Among the responsibilities of this specialist, the following stand out:

  • ✔ Develop the structure of the website considering the user experience 
  • ✔ Guarantee an intuitive design oriented to the needs of consumers
  • ✔ Optimize the version for mobile devices
  • ✔ Prioritize content on each page
  • ✔ Take into account the indications of SEO, to climb positions in search engines
  • ✔ Follow the Growth Driven Design cycle, which consists of experimenting, measuring results and optimizing the site
  • ✔ Promote the conversion of strangers into potential customers, through landing pages and subscription forms
  • ✔ And apply the necessary improvements to attract and sustain organic traffic

Graphic designer

The graphic designer is a fundamental piece in the Inbound strategy. The digital identity of the brand and the corporate image weigh on their shoulders. All graphics, animation, newsletter, logo or customization depends on this specialist. Its function is:

  • ✔ Design banners for the website and social networks
  • ✔ Customize the template for emails
  • ✔ Create graphic pieces for blog articles
  • ✔ Diagram the ebooks or templates that are offered as a content offer in exchange for consumer data
  • ✔ Build infographics
  • ✔ Design CTAs (calls to action)
  • ✔ And everything related to the creation of graphic pieces for the content strategy

Hiring a digital marketing team or an Inbound agency?

digital marketing agency team

Hiring an agency has two very specific benefits: 

  • ✔ They have a digital marketing team trained for Inbound transformation
  • ✔ And it is cheaper than hiring 7 professionals, who due to the nature of their work, are priced at very high amounts.

In this article we explain the services offered by a good Inbound Marketing agency , it will probably help you. 

However, it is perfectly reasonable to want to incorporate professionals who dedicate themselves exclusively to the growth of the company. Although this implies a significant investment in digital tools and an exhaustive monitoring of the results. 


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