A new Dead Space on EA Play? Various sources point to the return of the space horror saga

A new Dead Space on EA Play? Various sources point to the return of the space horror saga

Although there is nothing official from Electronic Arts, the announcement would take place on July 22.

The return of Dead Space is something that fans of the saga have been crying out for for years, although EA seems to have taken seriously that screams are not heard in space. Although the publisher has made several changes to their strategy in recent months and they seem to go back to betting on single player stories. Dragon Age 4 or the new Mass Effect are good examples derived from the success of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order .


Several sources claim to have heard of an announcement at EA Play 2022The fact is that, if we take this accumulation of circumstances, the resurgence of a saga as beloved as Dead Space could be closer than ever. That information is told from GamesBeat, through journalist Jeff Grubb, who assures that he has received information about Electronic Arts’ plans about a possible announcement in the next EA Play . The aforementioned journalist assures that “we will see it if we do not die before”. And media such as Eurogamer corroborate the information : “it coincides with information that we have heard.”


Dead space 2

It is information that we must take with caution, since there are no indications by EA beyond these comments that we echo since they come from various sources who claim to have heard the same thing . And you know that the saying says that if the river sounds, it is because it carries water. But we can only ask for caution before the return of one of the most beloved horror sagas among the public.


What is certain is that, if the saga is finally resumed, whose last installment dates from 2013, Glen Schofield would not be involved , the main responsible for the brand and who is in charge of the development of The Calisto Protocol , which is cataloged as the “spiritual successor to Dead Space”. We will have the answer on July 22, which is when EA Play is held.

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