Action and horror in the third person with The Chant, a game reminiscent of The Medium and Stranger Things

Action and horror in the third person with The Chant, a game reminiscent of The Medium and Stranger Things

We got a closer look at The Chant, a new third-person action horror game set in the stormy grounds of a new-age cult. Our protagonist will be immersed in a world of supernatural and psychedelic horrors while on a spiritual retreat. Attractive right? We tell you more in our impressions.

One could days to attend the launch event of the new label distribution Koch Media called Prime Matter in he showed us a huge amount of new titles that will come in the next few years in the hands of the Germans ago, but there was one that I especially attracted . That is The Chant, a game that is reminiscent in a way of what has already been seen in other games such as The Medium or The Evil Within , but that seeks its own identity despite remembering creatures like the demogorgon from Stranger Things in the design of its enemies. .

The Chant is the first game from Brass Token, a new studio that features industry veterans forged from companies like Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games and United Front Games and The Coalition, as well as people from the film industry and smaller independent studios.

The protagonist of The Chant is dealing with past trauma and attends a spiritual retreat at the request of an old friend. She is not really a great believer in spirituality and all these kinds of rituals. In fact, you could say that she is quite skeptical of all these issues. However, as he seeks enlightenment and a spiritual awakening, he reveals something much more horrible than expected and soon realizes that much of what is happening is real.

The game takes place on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest on which some kind of curse falls. It will be through the adventure as the player will reveal the dark past of the protagonist and the place, bringing to light the dark reality behind what is causing so much chaos and suffering in The Chant.

Fighting in The Chant isn’t just about shooting: Action and horror in the third person with The Chant, a game reminiscent of The Medium and Stranger Things

The Chant: Action and horror in the third person with The Chant, a game reminiscent of The Medium and Stranger Things

Our character can create spiritual and occult elements for combatThe combat system is quite interesting. We do not use guns or knives, or the typical physical weapons that we would find in other titles of the genre. Our character can create “spiritual and occult” elements for both melee and ranged combat. In addition, the cast of enemies promises to be varied showing both supernatural rivals and physical enemies. From Brass Token they claim that there are a lot of different tactics that we can use to survive, defeat and escape from different threats.

One thing that has caught my attention about The Chant is the use of color and the different lighting it uses. Many of the creatures that appear in the game section that we have been shown incorporate a kind of brightness of different shades. Something that, from the study, they have promised us that it will serve to develop strategies for combat. That illumination will also have to do with “the energy that your character admits in particular moments, like expanding your third eye.” Apparently, we will be able to witness the cosmos from a parallel dimension for much of history.

The Chant PC

The studio is giving great importance to the narrativeIt seems that the narrative is also going to have an important weight in The Chant, something to which the studio is giving great importance creating a more cinematic experience, trying to leave the HUD without any element that can distract us from what is happening. onscreen. From Brass Token they are excited with the project they have in hand and have recently started a process of motion capture with real actors in search of giving the game more realism and production values

The Chant is dated for the second quarter of 2022 , moved under the Unreal Engine 4 engine, it will arrive on PC and consoles although the specific platforms have not yet been revealed or if it will be intergenerational or exclusive to the ninth generation. What is certain is that it is a title to be followed very closely by lovers of horror adventures and third-person action for one player.

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