Among Us pays the price of success: its authors were exhausted by work and pressure from fans

Among Us pays the price of success: its authors were exhausted by work and pressure from fans

The video game has just introduced new content, but there were days when Innersloth couldn’t take it anymore.

Among Us was the most talked about video game of E3 2021 according to a recent report, an achievement that once again highlights the great success, to the surprise of even its own managers, that this video game of a social nature is being. In fact, from Innersloth they took advantage of a recent interview to express how exhausting the development of the production has been since it became popular.


“When Among Us went viral I felt a bit like ‘ok, this is going to be my life,'” says artist Amy Liu in an interview with Anthony Padilla collected by Kotaku. “The pressure to get things done as quickly as possible was quite high. Between September and December we had discussions with Xbox and PlayStation to release Among Us on those platforms, which usually takes time, from half a year to a year or so. And we thought : ‘Three months! That’s our goal,’ “he adds.


“I ended up quite burned,” continues Amy Liu, explaining how, in addition, the whole issue of the pandemic prevented them from visiting friends and family: ” I spent the holidays alone .”


Among Us fan pressure

Among us

Beyond the actual work of bringing Among Us to more platforms and updating it, one issue that put a lot of strain on morale in Innersloth was pressure from players. “At the beginning of the year, we received so many negative comments that it ended up affecting me,” recalls Marcus Bromander, designer of the game, adding how, along with everything else, he was about to give up working on Among Us. “You are under the magnifying glass of hundreds of millions of people, people who do not understand that everything takes months to do . The server problems want them resolved by tomorrow, the arrival of the new content must be ready next week. Everything is visible very easy, but it’s a lot of pressure and it goes over your head, “says Bromander.


Despite all this, Innersloth continues to work on Among Us, presenting the arrival of new content to the video game at E3 2021 . Among them are the landing of new roles, a new map and the possibility of playing hide and seek . Recently, in addition, Among Us was free on the Epic Games Store, a fact that once again shot the figures of this video game that had a second life .

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