Analysis of The Procession to Calvary. For lovers of the humor of Monty Python and the adventures of Lucas Arts

Analysis of The Procession to Calvary. For lovers of the humor of Monty Python and the adventures of Lucas Arts

Do you love adventure games? Does Renaissance art catch your attention? Do you like black humor? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then keep reading because The Procession to Calvary is a game that interests you. I tell you everything in our analysis.

The video game world has things as wonderful as what a title like The Procession to Calvary can offer you . This graphic adventure based on Renaissance paintings already surprised us when it arrived on PC in mid-2020. Now it lands on Nintendo Switch and Xbox (it will arrive later on PS4) to show us that its point-and-click magic is not only still valid, but which automatically becomes one of the best recommendations I can make for this summer.

Despite being created by a single person, the British developer Joe Richardson , it is a unique game, based on Renaissance paintings by Rembrandt, Botticelli or Michelangelo. Thus, going from screen to screen becomes a kind of virtual visit to a particular interactive museum. If you feel a special interest or fondness for art, trust me, this is a must. And if not, also, since as a video game it has a very successful humor (inspired by Monty Python) and some mechanics convincing enough to keep you tied to the control the 3 or 4 hours that it lasts.

I know they are a couple of afternoons at most, but very satisfactory, even more so if you are unconditional followers of the adventures of Lucas Arts. And, in the end, we are faced with a classic-style game, which is very reminiscent of Monkey Island both for its mocking tone and for the tests it is subjected to. Without being difficult, I had a great time and it has also made me a little more interested in Renaissance art. That speaks very well of the work done, which also in this case comes with a magnificent translation into Spanish .

A very Renaissance graphic adventure: Analysis of The Procession to Calvary. For lovers of the humor of Monty Python and the adventures of Lucas Arts

The Procession to Calvary actually refers to a painting by the Dutch artist Bruegel , painted in the 16th century. Its style is Renaissance, and shows the way of Christ to the crucifixion. It is not a randomly chosen reference, since the theme of the barbarities that were committed is very present in the game. There is a certain critical tone, always with black humor everywhere. In short, everything is very measured, so that you end up outlining a smile with each new situation and dialogue.

The action takes place with the end of the Holy War, with the death of oppressors, but also of innocent people. That the “party” is over is something that has not sat too well with our protagonist, a soldier with a thirst for blood (and a little out of the head, why fool us). That is why he will not give up until he is done with the last remaining tyrant. Thus, without thinking too much about it, we will have to lead it through various scenarios in which it will make use of its particular methods.

The Procession to Calvary analysis

The puzzles are not too complicated, but not a walk eitherWhat do I mean? Basically, that you should expect anything. For starters, the dialogues are delusional, and you don’t want to miss any by choosing the multiple conversation options that are given to us. On the other hand, we have a set of actions that range from giving a character a cake or slap (just because), to picking up and using whatever we have in our inventory. For example, you may think that you can’t do anything especially useful with a decapitated head that you come across … but in this game that way of thinking is very innocent.

The puzzles are not too complicated, although some may take longer than usual. Basically, everything is based on exploring every corner, talking with whoever you meet along the way and of course knowing which object to use at any time (all in a more or less logical way). There is not much more, and there is no need to do so. A good graphic adventure can use this simple scheme, with no other incentive than to have good gameplay and narrative . This is the case, and that is why we are facing such a recommended game.

The Procession to Calvary PCThe Procession to CalvaryEach scene in the game emulates a certain Renaissance painting.

Obviously, there is another part of the game that I have loved, to the point of leaving me stunned. Being the work of a single person, it is striking that the game is so careful both visually and soundly. There is not much movement in Renaissance paintings, but there is enough to give a certain dynamism to each situation. In the end they are pictures! It is logical and understandable that many parts remain static. Even so, they are always accompanied by classic compositions by Vivaldi, Bach, Handel … performed by a troubadour who could be perfectly playing at the top of a pine tree or ladder (don’t make much sense, the game is like that).

So that you can see how far the humor goes, in the start menu there is an option only so that when you leave it you will see a monk making a taunt of you. Completely absurd, but great. In the same way, if you ever get stuck in a part of the game, you can choose to draw your sword and cut your losses with that character nuisance that does not let you advance.

This is The Procession of Calvary, which by the way is very reminiscent of Four Last Things , another Joe Richardson game, although with an even shorter duration. So let’s say this author has outgrown himself, and we wouldn’t mind if he continues to do so in the future. Its titles are imaginative, loaded with humor and, as is the case, they are a real joy for lovers of both the fine arts and the adventure adventure genre.

The Procession to Calvary Analysis
“Art with good humor”
The Procession to Calvary

The arrival of The Procession to Calvary on more platforms is cause for joy, because it is an excellent opportunity to check the visual, playable and humorous quality of this peculiar graphic adventure. With a very Monty Python sense of humor and a narrative and playable essence reminiscent of the Lucas Arts classics, this is a highly recommended game, especially if you are looking for something not too dense and that you can dispatch in a couple of afternoons.

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