Best French Movies

Best French Movies

And if we talk about the series, a small selection of the best French films cannot be missing either .
The Life of Adèle (2013)
This film tells the story of two girls who fall in love and explore their sexuality . Although Emma is older and a little more experienced when it comes to love, Adèle falls deeply and quickly in love with her after meeting in a lesbian bar in Paris.

What are you waiting to see these movies?: Best French Movies

It is perhaps one of the most powerful love stories of all time , so this intense French film will be for you a beautiful story like no other. It is a witty, engaging and thought-provoking film.
The Untouchables (2012)
When an aristocratic Parisian is left quadriplegic after a paragliding accident, he hires a young caretaker very different from himself.
The film demonstrates the power of love and compassion , as the audience becomes a witness to a beautiful friendship between the most unlikely people. This drama is heartwarming, fun, and highly entertaining.
Crude (2016)
What happens when a young vegetarian, who just wants to fit in in vet school, becomes a cannibal ? This Franco-Belgian horror movie tells you about it.
Directed by Julia Ducournau and starring Garance Marillier, this movie is perfect for you if you like slow-burning thrillers .
Amélie (2002)
If you want to see something unique, Amélie is a must . You will be drawn into the world of a peculiar and charming young woman who lives in Paris and falls in love.
Accompany shy waitress Amélie through nearly 80 Parisian locations as she quietly tries to improve the lives of everyone around her to avoid her own isolation. Haven’t you seen it yet?
The Artist (2012)
It has romance, it has drama, it has humor. Set in Hollywood during the heyday of silent movies, The Artist is perfect if you are looking for a light and pleasant film with a nostalgic touch.
Fading star George Valentin falls in love with a younger actress, but is reluctant to cheat on his wife despite his intense feelings. It will? Only time will tell. Keep in mind that this movie is silent .

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