Best time to visit Porto

Best time to visit Porto

Do you like concerts? Well, go to Porto in the summer! it is best time to visit Porto

Getaways to Porto are increasing over the years, for the simple and straightforward reason that low-cost airlines have favored and made it easier for many more tourists to discover this city. Therefore,  some times of the year are more favorable than others, and some times are ideal for tourists.

So, what criteria to base yourself on when deciding  when to visit Porto ? Let’s see it right now!

The first criterion that you can use to define your travel date to Porto is probably the simplest:  the weather. Everyone wants to go on vacation in summer when the sun is shining in the sky, but winters are not particularly harsh in Porto,  so there are many months that are suitable. 

The ideal period is from  April to November, since the temperatures will be more pleasant (July, August and September will be the hottest). Anyway, the other months we do not recommend them,  but they will be a little cooler.

However, if you are attracted to the warmer months, keep in mind that others do too, which is why Porto can turn, at certain times, into a real human tide in tourist spots. If your goal is to go for a walk in the city  without too many people, go in the low season!

During the spring or fall there are fewer tourists and the temperatures are still pleasant. Either way,  for a quiet visit, avoid the summer!

The events organized in Porto  confirm all this, since the city, although it moves all year round, is particularly  active during the summer . It can be a reason to go to Porto in summer. It’s up to you:

FantasportoWorld famous fantastic film festivalFebruary / March (for two weeks)
Expressão Ibérica International Theater FestivalContemporary theater in Spanish and PortugueseEnd of May / beginning of June (for 2 weeks)
Serralves em Festa40 hours of non-stop concerts, avant-garde theater and activities for children, in the Serralves Park, but also throughout the cityEarly june
Queima das FitasVarious concerts to celebrate the end of the school yearEnd of university year
NOS Primavera SoundThree days of pop / rock festival in Parque da CidadeEnd of july
Noites Ritual RockFree 100% Portuguese rock festival in the gardens of the Crystal PalaceEnd of August (for a weekend)
The «Tourada»Bullfights (where the bull is not executed) every weekBetween April and October

For a vacation of two days or three weeks,  Porto is full of activities of all kinds, such as the wineries or the Crystal Palace, whose variety will suit everyone. Let’s go? because its the best time to visit Porto


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