Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales


Getting targeted visitors to a website with offers can be very difficult and challenging especially with the number of similar products on the internet.


There has been an explosion in the number of quality products on the internet in recent times and this has led to very intense competition between different affiliate marketers.


There are numerous ways of generating website traffic, which can either be paid for or can be free of charge if you take up the challenge of generating this from your own hard work.


Let’s take a deep dive in those methods of acquiring quality traffic so that you can make more sales/conversions.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is a common way of generating website traffic. Basically, you allow others to drive traffic to your website. There are established Affiliate Programs that will advertise and spread the word about your product or site.

The most beneficial Affiliate relationship is pay per sale. This means that you only pay your Affiliate if they drive traffic to your website which actually results in a purchase or investment in your product. This relationship benefits both of you.

If you are not at this stage happy about sharing your profit, then there are other ways that may be more attractive to you. It is advisable to try several different methods of generating website traffic before you find the one that most suits your website and your budget.


Paying for your traffic primarily involves advertising your website or products for a fee. Ad space is available for purchase via banner links or you could advertise on Google Adwords.


Don’t simply confine your advertising to the internet however, consider also trade magazines, newspaper ads, or other relevant forums.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is probably a phrase you will be familiar with. This means ensuring that your website or links to your website rank highly in the Search Engine. One way of achieving this is to produce unique and well-written Articles with good content.

Submission to various Article Directories will ensure free publication. Ensuring that your Articles are plentiful and contain unique keywords, will achieve a decent ranking in the Search Engine.

Use tools such as Semrush to take your SEO to the next level. Here is a Semrush free trial deal that you can avail of and start using the tool worth $119.95 for free.

Article Marketing:

Well, I must say that the best way to free traffic is through article marketing. I have found that in the long run this process of article submission brings the highest ROI(return on investment) as well as the best-targeted website traffic.

Your new visitors are already interested in what you have to say because they have already read your article. When this visitor clicks your link they have a lot of interest in your product and want to read your offer in more detail.

Lets not forget that all this traffic is totally free targeted traffic!


Make sure that you have chosen the right set of keywords. This can make or break your project, because if you target a niche with a decent amount of good keywords you are onto a winner.

Make the keywords long tail, e.g. cheap second-hand laptops are better than ‘laptops’ Long-tail keywords are more targeted so if you target these you there is more chance that your traffic will convert.

Use Web 2.0 Platforms:

This is a great way to build traffic to your main site. Toss up a Squidoo Lens or a Hubpage, with a link back to your main site. Google loves these sites, and you will notice a spike in traffic if you do the next step to your Squidoo lens or Hubpage.

Social Bookmarking:

This is a powerful method. Very powerful indeed. I explained the power of web 2.0 platforms, but this will explode your website traffic and web2.0 platform traffic. Social Bookmarking will give you a lot of backlinks and get the word out about your website. The top Social Bookmarking websites are:

  1. Digg
  2. Reddit
  3. Propeller

There is a lot more. You can submit your website details to a free site caller Socialmarker. It automates the normally tedious task of submitting to the hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites out there. You can submit your site to over 160 of the top Social Bookmarking sites in minutes giving you traffic and will also get your site indexed in minutes.

Here’s a tip- Social Bookmark your Squidoo Lens and Hubpage and watch your traffic grow exponentially. You can do this while you Build Website Traffic for your main site.

Blog Comments:

Commenting on blogs is another way to be seen by people who are interested in your niche. You want to choose only blogs that are on that topic and make informative comments that are related to the original post and add to the information on the page.

If you’re looking to start your own online business then use Bluehost hosting which is recommended by WordPress itself. The Bluehost pricing is pretty much affordable and cheap so that it won’t affect your pocket too much!

“Me too” or “thanks for the info” posts might be OK for backlinks, but they will not accomplish your goal of targeted traffic because you want to show people that you know what you are talking about in this area and you want them to click your link so that they can get more of your great information.

Reciprocal Linking:

When it comes to getting backlinks, reciprocal linking is not the best method, however, it still works to get traffic to your site. If you exchange links with webmasters with sites in a complementary or similar niche as yours, there is a pretty good chance that people visiting their site are going to click through to your site.

The only thing to watch out for here is to be sure that their links page isn’t just a huge directory but a simple page or two with relevant links and that those pages are easy to find from the home page and other pages on the site so that visitors will have a good chance of coming across your link.

Paid website traffic:

Paid per click advertising (PPC) works for thousands of marketers but there is still plenty of work and plenty of learning to be done. People like Google and Yahoo have the tools to help you but that is all they are. You still have to learn how to optimize the strategy.

If you ask a group of Internet marketers the most important points to PPC you would get several different answers. But they would probably include good keyword research and the quality and placing of the advertisement, among other things.

In fact, it is a complex subject because there are so many variables and so many refinements you can make to any ad campaign. You will take time to learn some of these issues.

Participating in Boards:

Group and discussion board posting is a great way to build on traffic. A lot of people check up on those groups to see relevant discussions going on, to see if they can find a solution to a problem, or just to check up on replies to their own discussions.

All three of the major search engines have their own groups and you’ll be surprised at how many you find relating to your website no matter what your website relates to.

Groups can be a gold mine but sometimes people abuse it by spamming it and you shouldn’t take this route. Getting a little bit of extra traffic rather than regularly posting and getting a long-term stream of traffic doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Website layout and design:

This is among the most basic of factors that affect people’s interest in your website. You have to be able to know if your potential readers-and clients-prefer websites with darker hues as a palette.

Or are they into more colorful facades? What elements or designs should be present on your website to encourage people to visit often? You should even be able to determine what kind of icon or display photo you would use.

Remember that the preliminary goal of creating a high-traffic website is to urge Internet users to click on your link.

Social Media Marketing:

A social media site that is much interactive & it is updated frequently. Twitter is a very powerful tool that you can use to generate a massive amount of traffic to your site. Twitter has a feature called Tweet.

So let’s say that you have 1000 followers/friends & you create a tweet that says like this “Hi guys I have an important piece of information that you might like to visit here: (your URL)” after you create a tweet, it automatically shows in the homepage of your 1000 followers/friends.

Your 1000 followers are curious about you & want to know more about your site and click your (URL). You just create 1000 website traffic at once just by using Twitter.

The second is Facebook – Also a social media also but is more interactive than Twitter. Facebook can be a good source of traffic because almost all of its members are hungry for content. Make sure that your post & updates are content-enrich not a pitch.

It has a built-in feature that is similar to Twitter. It’s called “Wall” where you can put anything on your wall like youtube videos, websites, pictures or just update. All of your friends will automatically see whatever you post on your wall.

Complement your online strategies with offline ones:

If you run a traditional business that has offline operations, you must remember to make your marketing strategies online go with what you do out of it.

For example, make sure that your website link is in the posters and banners that you put up in your shop and in other strategic locations. When you host events, let people know more about them through your website.

Even including your link in business printouts like flyers and cards would be a great boost to your traffic.

Readability and Convenience:

Once your website is up and with a cool design, the next factor you should consider is if the texts in it are readable and if the layout is arranged for convenience.

In this part, your goal is to make your visitors come back often. Let your readers understand your content without them having to squint at the text.

Arrange the elements of your website so the readers would not have difficulty finding the link that they need. Make sure your website would not irritate them badly enough that they would not even speak of it to a friend or relative.

Quality Content:

Definitely and probably the most crucial factor to consider when building a high-traffic website is the content. Traffic is not solely based on what looks good on your website.

In fact, people are likely to visit your website if they find something interesting and relevant in it. Consider as well the fact that your website may be pulled up when Internet users search for a particular keyword. This is why content is important.

Ensure that your website has components and articles that interest many people from all over the globe.


High website traffic is indeed a difficult feat to achieve. Putting up your website subjects it to the risk of being unnoticed, to the point that nobody actually knows your account exists online.

Therefore, if you want to know how to get website traffic, remember to consider all the factors stated above. Give your potential and existing visitors enough motivation to include your link in their browser’s bookmarks tab.

Someday, this would pay off and if you are lucky enough, these visitors would become your highest paying clients. Happy Marketing 🙂



I am Shubham Chopra, founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will help startups & SMEs penetrate into the online world easily.

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