Budget to visit Porto

Budget to visit Porto

You can go to Porto by plane, but how much does it cost? or Budget to visit Porto, let’s discuss it.

In the budget to visit Porto,  the journey is the first expense.  Often the most profitable means of transport is the plane since many low-cost airlines link Spain and Porto airport, such as Ryanair, Vueling, or Easyjet. For € 40-50, you will get a plane ticket from the main Spanish cities, and in no time you’ll be eating pasties de Nata! Of course, if you live near Porto, you can always go by car.

Accommodation is quite varied in Portugal, and between hotels, apartments, hostels, couchsurfing or guest houses, you can count on between  € 15 (for a room in a hostel), € 50 (on average for a room hotel or Airbnb ), even much more depending on your budget! Keep in mind that  couchsurfing  is  free, since it is about sleeping in the house of a portuense, without any charge!

As for meals, in Porto, everything is a little cheaper than in Spain.  Eating in a basic restaurant can cost you € 9. This is probably the part of your budget where you can enjoy the most.

It should be noted that  visiting the city’s monuments is often worth it. In addition to the Church of Santa Clara, the Dom Luis Bridge, the Crystal Palace or the Museum of Photography, here are  the prices of some tourist establishments:

  • Lello Bookstore: € 5
  • Palacio de la Bolsa: € 8 (adult) and € 4.5 (child)
  • Porto Cathedral: € 3
  • Clerigos Tower: € 5
  • Casa do Infante: € 2.20
  • Serralves Foundation: € 10

And to get around, as we have said, the easiest and the best in terms of value for money is to get the Andante card. You can enjoy the city at a low price, since  a taxi ride will only cost you between € 4 and € 6  (€ 20 to go to the airport).

And if you want to do something  typical, take a  cruise on the Douro River with which, for € 12/50 minutes, you will discover another side of the city, at the mouth of the Atlantic. Budget to visit Porto


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