Can you learn Arabic in 30 days?

Can you learn Arabic in 30 days?

Can we learn Arabic in a month? From the outset, the answer is no. However, you can take intensive courses, even ultra-intensive, to know how to read and write some basic words in Arabic in a month, for example with ESL Language Schools, which have the triple advantage of offering optimized, intense and fast language teaching .
Are you going to Morocco or Egypt? Take intensive Arabic courses.

At language schools specialized in Arabic, you will be able to: Can you learn Arabic in 30 days?

Learn the Arabic alphabet
Get started in the phonetics and pronunciation of Arabic letters
Learn to write the basic words
Learn to read in Arabic
Improve your level with Arabic vocabulary
Have a beginner-level speaking

Here are the places where you can learn Arabic quickly:

Private classes at home: if you start from 0 in your Arabic classes for beginners, you will have to repeat, imitate and chat (you will improve your Arabic pronunciation thanks to phonetics) with your private teacher, from Egypt or Morocco; you can look for one on the Superprof platform.
Online courses to learn quickly and for free: visit pages such as aulafá, live Arabic, southern caravan, arabic speak (in English), madina arabic (in English), abecedarioarabe, Moroccan Arabic, al madrasa, Andalusian Muslims, modern arabic or coursera.
Linguistic stay: the best way to learn Arabic in thirty days is to take intensive Arabic courses with a linguistic and cultural immersion in Egypt or Morocco. But you know, you have to forget about speaking in Spanish, to get in touch with the local population and communicate with them.
Due to our common culture and history, learning Arabic will be less difficult and time-consuming than learning Hungarian, Thai, or Korean. If you want to take Arabic courses in Madrid , do not hesitate to consult the announcements of our super teachers.

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