Can you take Spanish classes for foreigners online?

Can you take Spanish classes for foreigners online?

One of the most accessible solutions is the  online ELE lessons . Many websites, often free, offer lessons to learn a new language independently and self-taught.
This solution can be very effective, as long as you take it seriously and study Spanish with effort and regularity.
To take free Spanish lessons, a good solution is the websites specialized in language learning.
For this training to be productive, it is important to choose the website that allows you to study Spanish in the best possible way. Therefore, you must take into account certain criteria :
Your language level : take a Spanish level test to find out what your level is (beginner, intermediate or advanced level). You can find Spanish lessons online that adapt to your progress in learning Spanish. Some sites are designed to get started in the language (level A1 or A2), while others offer didactic supports to reach the intermediate level (B1 or B2).
The learning mode : which methodology is best for you (practice through games to learn Spanish, lessons and exercises by topic, visual or audio aids …)?
Your needs : do you want to improve your knowledge of Spanish to travel, pursue higher education in Spain, work in a Spanish-speaking country …?
Follow-up: some sites offer personalized online classes with individualized follow-up (correction of exercises, tips …).
These websites have many advantages. You will be able to  study all aspects of the language  (written comprehension, oral comprehension, written expression and oral expression) and they offer a variety of supports to more easily learn grammar, spelling, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation …
Videos, podcasts ,
Written supports,
Complete lessons with interactive exercises,
Lessons of culture and civilization,
Vocabulary cards by topic and idiomatic expressions.
Thanks to voice recognition, you can also  learn to pronounce  the most difficult words in Spanish correctly and practice intonation.

Scrabble game to review your Spanish vocabulary … Good idea, right?: Can you take Spanish classes for foreigners online?

Among the sites that you can use to learn Spanish, we can mention some very useful, specially adapted to learn ELE:
On-Spanish . The page has many exercises and study materials to help you improve quickly that you can access for free by registering on the page. You can also take their tests to check your progress and, in addition, they organize different webinars .
Learn Spanish . This page contains a collection of hundreds of free exercises to learn Spanish on the Internet: grammar, vocabulary, songs, reading, stories, videos, podcasts, etc. In addition, it contains a list of links to exercises in Spanish.
BBC – Languages ​​- Spanish . BBC Spanish classes, starting from beginner level, with grammar, dictionaries, lessons, reports, audios, games … It also has resources for Spanish teachers.
Learn Spanish . You will find vocabulary and grammar notes for ELE students and a series of links to other pages. In addition, they have a section, adapted for students, dedicated to gastronomy with recipes, expressions and vocabulary.
You can also learn Spanish with platforms like Duolingo, Babbel or Mosalingua, which are sites specialized in learning modern languages, including Spanish.

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