Choose a dance teacher

Choose a dance teacher

Before you start learning dance, you will have to choose a good dance teacher .

Become a dancer.
Why not take dance classes from a young age to quickly become an advanced level dancer?

Beginning students, once the prices and conditions of the classes have been analyzed, start the search for their ideal teacher. For this reason, many Superprof students read the opinions of other dancers to get an idea of ​​the teacher’s level.

Of course, each student is different and what works for one may not work for another. Therefore, it is essential to analyze each case when choosing certain dance classes.

These are the criteria that you should take into account when looking for a teacher :

  • The teacher’s titles
  • Your reputation
  • Your experience as a dancer
  • The versatility of the teacher
  • His pedagogy (patience, listening, kindness, etc.)
  • The price of each class
  • The level of the classes
  • The sports equipment you need and that they put at your disposal
  • The location of the classes (private ballroom, dance studio for rent …)
  • Dance style

During the first free class with Superprof , you will be able to take stock of the teacher and judge his qualities and defects as a teacher. While some students will prefer a choreographer who is patient and careful, others will prefer one who is strict and can evolve quickly.

To find a dance class at the best price, you can also attend classes taught by other students at the conservatory . Of course, although they are excellent dancers, these self-taught teachers may lack pedagogy: therefore, it is better to analyze your priorities before choosing them.

Why not become a future professional dancer with the help of a specialized choreographer? Choose a dance teacher

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