Classical dance for adults: find your course!

Classical dance for adults: find your course!

There is no age limit to practice any type of dance, including classical dance, although it may seem the opposite.

Of course, practicing it like a professional can be a bit risky, but as a hobby, it is totally doable.

Is it possible to start classical dance in adulthood?

If you are asking yourself this question, it is because you have heard some things about classical dance:

  • It should start with about 5 or 6 years.
  • It takes years of practice to expect visible results.
  • It is recommended to be young and have flexibility.
  • It is advisable to start with classical dance to do even other types of dance.

Classical dance is practiced whether you are young, “old”, tall, short, thin, fat, male, female, flexible or not flexible.

Whenever your health allows, you should give it a try. If you have been injured before, you will have to take this into account and tell your teacher, as it may affect your progress.

Age and classical dance.
Do you think grandmothers ask themselves these kinds of questions?

Opt for classes in basic ballet techniques

If you have never done any classical dance before, it is best to enroll in a basic dance technique class rather than an adult beginner course. In fact, in some cases, courses for beginners already start with a minimum of technical knowledge.

The basic movements will be decomposed to be able to acquire them with a progressive mastery (the five positions and the arm movements).

If you want to learn to dance in the capital, you will find many advertisements for Madrid dance classes on our platform, as well as Barcelona dance classes .

What if you dare to take some tango classes in Madrid ? Classical dance for adults: find your course!

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