Course for opposition of the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management

Course for opposition of the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management


This course of preparation of oppositions for the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management  will allow you to acquire all the knowledge to successfully overcome this process. MasterD has extensive experience preparing public examinations for these positions, with teachers with extensive experience in this field and a large percentage of approved students.

This training will allow you to maximize your options to pass the oppositions and achieve a position as a Justice official. If you are interested in also presenting yourself to Procedural Processing , you will have a computer science teacher for the specific preparation of the Word test.

functions as a procedural manager: Course for opposition of the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management

These oppositions will allow you to become a Justice official, whose  specific functions in the procedural management body are the following:

  • Management of the processing of procedures.
  • Documentation of embargoes and releases.
  • Performing registration tasks.
  • Reception and distribution of writings and documents.
  • Headquarters in which the direct support units and common procedural services are structured.

previous requirements: Course for opposition of the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management

This MasterD exam preparation course is available to enroll in any Autonomous Community .

To be eligible to take these oppositions, it will be necessary to meet all these requirements:

  • Have Spanish nationality  , be over 18 years of age and have not reached the retirement age.
  • Have a bachelor’s  degree, university diploma, technical engineer, technical architect or equivalent.
  • Not have been convicted of a criminal offense to custodial sentences, unless the cancellation of criminal records or rehabilitation had been obtained.
  • Not having been separated from the service of any of the Public Administrations or being in absolute or special disqualification for public jobs or positions by special resolution.
  • Do not belong to the same body whose selective tests are presented, except as provided in the calls.

teaching materials

The didactic material of this  course of preparation of Oppositions for the Body of Procedural and Administrative Management  consists of:

  • Updated agenda on legal and administrative matters
  • Theoretical guides of the Office computer system
  • English and psychotechnical tests
  • Mock exams

You can access your classes on the  virtual campus  and attend  live online classes . 

You will also have a  personalized follow-up  throughout the course, which will help you pass the tests easily

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