Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

description: Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Army, we offer you a preparation course for access to Troops and Marines. Pass the selection process to  enter the army in the troop and seamanship ladder  with this course that includes the best tools to achieve your objectives.

This training offers you the best means to pass the troop and seamanship oppositions: psychotechnical teachers, Personal Trainer 360 service, face-to-face workshops, mock exams … You will be able to successfully pass all the entrance exams.


access tests:Course for opposition of Troops and Sailors

To be part of the Troop and Sailor, it is necessary to pass the following tests:

1) First phase:  contest and aptitude test (105 questions: verbal, numerical, spatial, mechanical, perceptual, memory and abstract reasoning skills).

2) Second phase:  personality test, medical examination and 4 physical fitness tests: long jump, sit-ups, arm flexion-extension, round trip.

previous requirements

This MasterD exam preparation course is available to enroll in  all Autonomous Communities .

The requirements to access troops and sailors are the following:

  • Have Spanish nationality or that of Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay or Venezuela.
  • Turning or having turned 18 years old before the date of entry and not having turned 29 before that day.
  • Lack of a criminal record, and not have opened any judicial proceeding for intentional crime as a processed, accused, investigated or indicted person.
  • Not be deprived of civil rights.
  • Not having been separated by means of a disciplinary file from the service of any of the Public Administrations, or of the constitutional bodies, or of the statutory bodies of the autonomous communities, nor have they been firmly disqualified from the exercise of public functions.
  • Be in possession, at least, of a graduate degree in  Compulsory Secondary Education  or its equivalents. For foreign degrees, diplomas or studies, they must be homologated to Spanish degrees.
  • Not to be a soldier of the troops and sailors with a commitment in force or to be undergoing the general military training phase to acquire such status.
  • The height of applicants cannot be less than 155 for women and 160 for men in centimeters and not more than 203.
  • Lack of tattoos that contain expressions or images contrary to the constitutional values, Authorities, military virtues, that suppose defamation for the uniform, that could threaten the discipline or the image of the Armed Forces.

teaching materials

Materials in this course include: 

  • Updated Troop and Sailor Agenda
  • Preparation Academies
  • Training for physical tests
  • Training for psychotechnical tests
  • Preparation for personal interviews
  • Mock exams

You can access your classes on the  virtual campus  and attend  live online classes . You will also have a  personalized follow-up  throughout the course, which will help you pass the tests easily.

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