Different ways to learn Chinese

Different ways to learn Chinese

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How can we learn Chinese by ourselves?
How to learn Chinese easily?
How to learn Mandarin in a fun way?
How to learn Chinese quickly?
Learning Chinese is an ambitious project. Despite the amazement of your family when you inform them of your new didactic intentions, you have to take the step. Perhaps you have been looking for information for a while to facilitate your learning.
First of all, you should know that learning Mandarin is not easy. Learning a language, be it English, French, Arabic or German requires time, effort, discipline and work.
Don’t worry, there are many false beliefs about Chinese. For Westerners, learning Chinese transcribed into the Latin alphabet (via the pinyin method) is not much more difficult than learning English, Dutch or Polish.
However, following some techniques and with the necessary discipline, you will achieve your goal. Surely the variety of the language you learn is Mandarin, since it is the most widely spoken in the world (with about 850 million speakers). Before looking for a way to master other aspects of the language, you must acquire some basic knowledge. SuperPROF accompanies you to learn Mandarin.


How can we learn Chinese by ourselves?

Do you want to learn Chinese in a self-taught way? It is clear that learning on your own will be more complicated than doing it with the help of a private teacher, but it is not an impossible mission either.
Like other things in life, learning a language alone is not easy.
To understand and speak Mandarin you have to be very patient. If you intend to do it alone, you must have two years of serious work to develop a certain understanding of the language. However, acquiring the basics of Chinese will be much easier if you feel motivated. With the pinyin method, you will learn Chinese characters and begin to write basic phrases and even memorize new words to expand your vocabulary.
To learn Chinese on your own, you must take into account some basic principles: try to immerse yourself in the way of thinking of the Chinese, repeat constantly, pronounce the words out loud with the different tones, do active listening and memorize the basic vocabulary.
When it comes to Chinese grammar and conjugation, don’t worry, you have nothing to fear. The most difficult part of understanding is distinguishing the four intonations of Mandarin, but to make ourselves understood, we must know that it is not essential to master them perfectly.

To learn Chinese on your own, we recommend that you follow the following tips: Different ways to learn Chinese

Start by getting used to the sounds of the language. For that, you can watch videos, movies or listen to songs in Chinese.
Put aside your knowledge about the grammar and conjugation of Latin languages ​​(Spanish or French, for example).
Learn basic Mandarin Chinese words.
Practice Chinese every day and make flashcards to review and advance more quickly.
As you are alone to learn the language, you have no one to correct your mistakes. Surely you want to have some good tools to advance at a good pace. Fortunately, on the Internet we can find endless resources to start learning. Online learning today is, fortunately, within everyone’s reach. With a little search you will see that there are a large number of free Chinese courses on the Internet.

Here are some tips on what you can do:

Use the “pinyin” method to interpret and understand Chinese characters thanks to the Latin alphabet. You can use pages like Chinese-Chinese to incorporate this method into your learning.
Download the Pleco app to access detailed definitions for each word. It is the reference tool for all those adventurers who travel to China.
You can work on your vocabulary memorization with the Anki program.
You can also consider the idea of ​​going to China or a country where Mandarin is spoken for a linguistic and cultural immersion stay.
With these few tools and with the necessary discipline, you will be able to make yourself understood in this language.

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