Doing sports at home thanks to the internet

Doing sports at home thanks to the internet

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The best sports and health apps
Online training solutions
Best Online Personal Training Videos
Can you do sports at home and from a distance?
Best Running Apps
Physical training at home can be done in different ways: through a personal trainer course or physical preparation with an online personal trainer .
A stretching, muscle strengthening, muscle toning or fitness class can be followed by computer!
So what are the best fitness and health apps? What are the best online personal training videos?
It gives you, ps all the answers in this article!

The best sports and health apps: Doing sports at home thanks to the internet

Since the 1980s, personal training has evolved its thing. Nowadays you can do sports without leaving home with the help of a home coach or even thanks to a physical training application .
So what are the advantages of using a running application , for example?
Collaborate with your doctor : if you suffer from a pathology such as insufficiency, diabetes or asthma, a good quality application can memorize your results and the information related to your disease so that you can share them more easily with your doctor later.
Saving : in effect, a personal trainer has a certain cost while an application is free and can help you get in shape. Doing abs and glutes, gaining muscle mass or quitting smoking, there are numerous applications that can train you!
A great variety : you will be able to focus on what you want to work, be it muscular arms and shoulders, mark the abs or improve your lung capacity to be less fatigued. Contrary to physical trainers who are often specialized in one or two areas, you can use different apps for all your goals!
Sports and health applications allow data to be collected in real time.
Thanks to your mobile , it is very easy today to know how many steps you have taken throughout the day, how many calories you have burned, what has been the quality of your sleep, you can also challenge yourself every day thanks to your pocket fitness trainer !

The theory is great, but in practice, which apps to choose?

We make a small selection of the best applications compatible with IOS and Android, with free or freemium access:
Zombies, run – we like its playful side! For those who find it difficult to start doing sports and continue, playing in easier! Specifically, you put on your headphones, choose a mission, and follow the prompts. It’s motivating, easy to get hooked on the game, and makes you want to advance through missions.
Runtastic : a reference for fans of athletics. On the download podium, the application proposes personalized trainings according to the objectives.
Strava : the ideal application for cyclists. Its large number of users allows you to compare your results with those of other members around the world and you can even meet up with your racing companions and challenge each other.
Domyos Live : the real advantage of this application is the possibility to follow your classes live for free. You can follow a Pilates, Zumba, aerobics or yoga class from your home and for free.
Nike + Training Club : the giant Nike proposes an application with hundreds of training plans very well explained by coaches and sports stars. You can also access a history of your exercises to check your progress.
Freeletics : a true virtual physical trainer for sports outdoors or at home, depending on the weather.
Gentle activity allows you to relax and stretch.
But then, is an application compatible with a personal trainer at home? Or are mobile applications replacing the coach?
You can combine physical training and sports application, sometimes even your coach will advise you an application.
From there to replace a human trainer, it is not yet the case, an application will probably never replace the human experience that a personal trainer can bring you.
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