ELE: what level is recommended to live in Spain?

ELE: what level is recommended to live in Spain?

That native Spaniards understand you, going to university or being communicative with your host family requires a certain level.
To live in Spain, you will need to have a good level of Spanish. For example, to work in the restaurant or tourism sector, it will be better to be bilingual.
It is not necessary to have an advanced level, but you have to quickly leave the beginner level behind because Spaniards speak quickly and do not usually put much effort in making themselves understood (except within the circle of friends) in stores, on the street or in administrations .
So here you have the first step to get to Spain: updating or improving your ELE level will be essential.
Students must apply for a visa for any stay of more than 90 days: a long-stay visa.

However, before that, there are three steps to take: ELE: what level is recommended to live in Spain?

Enroll in an institution of higher education.
Prepare and pass the possible tests (test of knowledge of Spanish).
Check the conditions if it is an internship for foreign students.
To apply for a visa to study in Spain, it is best to consult the official visa website for Spain or go to the nearest Spanish consulate.

So what level of Spanish do you need to live in Spain?: ELE: what level is recommended to live in Spain?

There are times when the intermediate level B2 is mandatory by training centers.
To achieve this, you have several solutions:
A language exchange program, with accommodation in a host family: this is the beginning of total language immersion.

University studies to have a good level of spoken Spanish.

Language exams: DELE.
ELE didactic centers.
Classes at home with Superprof.
In this way, in a semester (or two), Spanish grammar, conjugation, vocabulary and pronunciation will have no secrets for you.

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