Ender Lilies analysis. If you liked Hollow Knight, you can’t miss it: It’s an indie surprise!

Ender Lilies analysis. If you liked Hollow Knight, you can’t miss it: It’s an indie surprise!

I’ve been tracking Ender Lilies since Early Access, and now that I’ve been able to play the full version of the title, those positive first impressions have finally been confirmed. It’s fun, well-designed, and capable of doing a lot with a little.

Iincreasingly like these types of games : titles that straddle Hollow Knight, Symphony of the Knight, Super Metroid and Dark Souls. Ender Lilies is one of them, he is a well-executed 2D “soulito” that you finish in about twelve hours, with a well-built and fantastically written world, with great combat, good ideas in the management of his character and with wonderful use of the stage and the two dimensions to make you jump and fight. We can include it in the league of the great Salt and Sanctuary and Blasphemous, because it does not limit itself to copying its references , they contribute new ideas. In the case of Ender Lilies: Quietus of the KnightIt should be noted how well she uses the structure of her phases, obstacles and unevenness to pose attractive confrontations, how great it is to customize the skill set of our protagonist, her evocative artistic style, the powerful meek sadness of her game world, what Well designed are the routines and attack patterns of his bosses, and how adept he is at doing a lot with little .

When I say that a long time ago with little I mean that it shows that we are talking about an independent video game, and that resources are limited. The biggest problem Ender Lilies has is that his normal enemies repeat themselves a lot . For each area we can find five or six different types of enemies, and they are the same in each section of that area. They appear again and again, again and again, one … But the game, aware of this problem, strives to take advantage of itand turn it into a fortress. It doesn’t always work out, of course, but it does almost always. If you have played Super Mario Bros. 2, which came out of changing the sprite of the main character of Yume KAjA: Doki Doki Panic for Mario, you will remember that he used the stage so that we also did not realize that the enemies were always the same. Both show scenarios in a U, in a staircase, with mountains, in a zigzag … so that we have to constantly change our way of killing them . Ender Lilies makes great use of 2D and platforms for it. And since enemies take a lot of life, it makes you have to break your head to get out of a constant succession of encounters. Another small problem that it has is that it has some frame dropwhen many elements are put together on the screen, particles in particular. It is not something that happens very often and it never becomes a problem for the gameplay, but it does happen.

But since not only with good set design it is possible to break this feeling of routine 100%, Ender Lilies has another quality that is what has made me fall in love with the game . As our heroine kills final bosses and hidden secret bosses, she steals their ability. It has two sets of three spaces that we can alternate in real time by pressing a button, so that from the pile of powers we will have to make two interchangeable builds. These range from melee attack, support and ranged attack, and we can only modify which ones we carry in the save points.

This gives a great strategic point to the title . What powers are best for this area? How do they work in combination? Where can I find more sediment and souls to increase his power? And having all these skills ready is key if we want to triumph against the final bosses. The moment the girl stops moving and stands, the spirits of the bosses appear with her , protecting her. This is part of the heritage of the game, and one more of the many interesting details that the history of the game contains.

Ender Lilies bosses are tough, but not frustrating

Ender Lilies analysis

Ender Lilies bosses follow patterns and have phases. In each phase they are transformed and these patterns change, but not radically, but they add variants, change the tempo or introduce a new one. That’s why they manage to make you feel that you learn as they kill you; It’s not like when you play Dark Souls III and what a boss does at first then never has anything to do with it. To defeat them, we have to have our set of powers well configured, and even prepare a set for the first two phases and another for the third. They are not excessively difficult except for four bastards who have made me sweat and have forced me to level up a little to slaughter them. Special mention for a warrior who is very reminiscent of Artorias (you will see) and who has offered me one of the toughest and most exciting battles of this adventure.

He has hooked me despite his problems, so he is a recommended with all of the lawBut Ender Lilies doesn’t always make us believe that we’re not always killing the same enemies, because we are . There are sections that seem designed without passion just to make a space bigger; but they are the least, fortunately. And its soundtrack doesn’t help this either, which is magnificent, but it also repeats a lot. However, its level design gives such good moments, it hides its secrets so well; Their world is so interesting and their bosses have seemed so well constructed that I forgive them. The game will last you between 12 or 16 hours depending on how much you get stuck. It has three endings and it will leave you very satisfied. It’s beautiful, and it ‘s that perfect “little soul”to give you cane for four days and be enchanted with life. I liked it and it has hooked me despite its problems, so it is a recommended with all of the law if you like this genre.

Ender Lilies Analysis
“A great little soul”
Ender lilies

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knight fails that its enemies and their melodies repeat themselves a lot, but it makes up for it with a good design of combat areas and jumps, a great art design, a combat that ends up gaining a lot of depth, some memorable bosses and a world that you want to make the most of. Its frame rate is not rock solid either, but it is not a problem. If you really liked Hollow Knight, Blasphemous or the Castlevania of a lifetime, this game will make you fall in love. It is not as difficult as Hollow Knight although in the last four hours of play it is a good challenge. In less than fifteen hours you will come to an end and you will think: what a good time I had


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