Everything there is to know when teaching Chinese!

Everything there is to know when teaching Chinese!

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How to become a private Chinese teacher?
How to find students to teach Chinese?
How to organize your Chinese classes?
How to set the rates for Chinese classes?
1.30 billion Chinese speakers in the world,
2nd world economic power,
250,000 Chinese in Spain approximately,
5th most learned foreign language (Mandarin Chinese) …
Mainly for professional reasons, but also for cultural reasons, every year the number of Spaniards who want to learn Chinese increases!
Students do not always have the possibility of living near an establishment that teaches Confucius language, so what they do is go for personalized school support.
Do you dream of teaching Mandarin Chinese to a large number of students with different profiles?
At the end of this article, you will know all the methods to teach quality Chinese classes!
What if in the first class you let your students reflect on this Chinese proverb?
“Knowing our ignorance is the best part of knowledge …”
How to become a private Chinese teacher?
First of all, is it necessary to have diplomas to be a private Chinese teacher ?
The answer is no.
Diplomas are not required to teach Chinese at home .
Chinese Diploma: Translation, Philology …?
Only your perfect command of the language and your passion when transmitting your knowledge are essential requirements. By the way, your atypical profile of a Chinese teacher could make the difference compared to a teacher in a public establishment.
University students, in a private center, native Chinese … Anyone can teach the Chinese language.
Why don’t you give an online Chinese course a try ?
Teaching a language is not a trivial exercise, you have to show that you have good pedagogy and empathy to accompany your future students.
It will also be necessary for you to find out about the legal situation that allows you to practice the profession, which varies depending on the organization for which you work or if you prefer to be autonomous and work on your own.

Would you love to teach Chinese, but your command of the language is not excellent?: Everything there is to know when teaching Chinese!

Mainly, there are two university courses that will allow you to acquire all the basics of the language:
Degree in Asian and African Studies: Arabic, Chinese and Japanese
Degree in Translation and Interpreting (choosing Chinese as one of the study languages)
These trainings will make you acquire a high level of Chinese (level C1 more or less), so that later you can dedicate yourself to teaching the language.
Studying these degrees could also make you travel to China with the ERASMUS scholarship, for example.
It is well known, a total immersion in the culture of the country will allow you to progress more quickly in oral.
Enjoy and take advantage of these language stays to perfect your command of Chinese, so that you can teach it on your return.

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