Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground

Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground
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Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground

It’s the area of northwest of the centry box. The ground is located near the northeast of Vault 111 and a little northwest of USAF satellite station Olivia. Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground

The robotic Disposal Ground is a small junkyard that holds few secrets entirely available from the second player.  It’s a one the most entertainment and coolest game, It comes down to pure open world. If you want to know what we do I the game, you will need a proper guide about weapons and ammo.

Here’s the mini nukes and where the fat man come.

The mini nukes are special type of ammo, it is used by Fat man, the atomic bomb launch that effect the significant damage. It’s a powerful weapon in the game and you could kill anything with the use of this weapon. You will need two or three shots even more dangerous enemies. Finding ammoniating is definitky easy. That’s why it’s important to know where mini nukes in fallout 4

There are many players in the game some finding things own their own and some need guidance for specific things. If you are the type like type 1 I will tell you some tips.

  • Firstly you check military installation which you go, because you look for ammunition.
  • The same applies on the raiders bases. You find cool things there. You be surprise
  • Be sure to kill suicide bomber super mutants before thy blow if you not kill they destroy you.

If you are of second type here are some tips:

Outpost Zimonja:

This is first place you can go to. There is one reader who also happens to have a fan man. The name is Boomer and well, If you near him he will kill you.

However he has one mini nuke to use, which means you need it before he uses it.

Robotic disposal grounds:

The next is locates in the ground. You go on right location and pick it up.

Cobat place:

This is also the place where you find mini nukes. Needless to say it’s very difficult to enter tHe. It’s the great idea to use it. One you go there, go through door which is located under stairs and on the basement. Then enter a small bedroom on the left you will see mini nuke.

Where I find it?

You can head straight of the vault by turning to the left when you come across the small river then you come back to your synchtry, when you reach the coastline then you go to Small River. The coastal line again becomes small lake.

An alternate route become on the head of red trunk you should follow the coastal line opposite to it. The ground is at the tip of the lake.

Now, I am hear what’s next?

It is completely infested mole rate. Enter the concrete in a room. There are cold things in it. There is also a terminal in the room that already opens. When you boot up the computer. The holotape and activate the Combat sentry proto.  And if you interested, pick up weapon benchmark also. The sentry is not a enemy you will lost. Six mole cats bust around the ground when you go through it. But sanitary make quick work. If you touch them you will be died. Don’t touch any of them. Grab the mole rat hides and travel far them. Below the dogmata there is some weapons are present pick them. Look around, I can’t now about the exact location.  Behind the pill of cars there is a great weapon present. It’s really helpful for you. Pick them up. If you pick this weapon put it in a good place.

Shoot and loot:

Boot the holotap and set the sentry to destroy you. Then compete with sentry. I will be dangerous for you, Kept in mind you lost your life. If you succeed you will get a ton of experience 9 (But you may get lost your life). Go outside, and go back on the robot side, far, far robot.

There is a small explosion then the mushroom emitted the cloud that will also kill you. You will find two nuclear cores.  And not good for your health. You will be left with similar to this. And you get another military board circuit. Two biometric scanners.


When you are done at disposal area. Now you can down into the ditch. You can turn right and see a plane in the distance; In front of the plane you find three power armor, a torso, a right arm and a left leg. By the time you reach concord and first armor by the gain of extraordinary armor power. You will have three core fusion an dentures in the diamond city next level. If you play well you completed the 5 levels of your game and have more powers to you.

Where is the Robotic scarp yard present in the game?

The Robotic yard present in the location of  Northwest area of common health. It is located across the water and up the hill.

Sentry bot weigh?

The wright of sentry bud was start to guide collection with this huge 9 in tail and heavy over 3.5 ibs, military robot statue.

How tall is sentry?

The sentry is over 2 meter tall.

How many mini nukes are there in fallout 4?

3 and 4 mini nukes, Depending on the players characters. Depend on Scrounger perk rank. There is also a mini nuke melee weapon.

How much healthy doe’s sentry bots have?

Hardened sentry have twice healthy then the sentry bots have like 500 hit to opposite of 300 hit.


Weapons used in:

  • 44 pistol
  • Eddies Peace Silver Sidearm
  • Classic 10mm pistol
  • Ultimatum
  • Flare gun
  • Western Revolver


Combat rifle

  • Overseers Guardian
  • Gauss rifle
  • Poison Guns:
  • Acid soaker

Notable loot:

  • Hot rodder
  • Fat man
  • Fusion Core
  • Mini nuke
  • Power Armor


Only in Fallout 4 once robotic disposal ground appear.

Mini nuke location:

They are present in front of gate behind a pile tires on the east side.

Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground
Fallout 4 robotics disposal ground

Mini Nuke locations in Fallout 4?

  • Fort Hagan
  • Badtel Office
  • Quincy Ruins
  • Outpost Zimonja
  • Boston Mayoral shelter

Final words:

In this article, I have discussed about the Fallout 4 robotic disposal ground.

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