French gastronomy

French gastronomy

France is internationally recognized for its gastronomy and way of life. Since 2010, French gastronomy has been recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO .
As you know, in France, wine is the perfect companion to gastronomy, as it reinforces the flavor of the dishes and awakens the taste buds. There are vineyards throughout the country : in the Bordeaux region, Burgundy, Alsace, the Rhone Valley, the Loire Valley and the Mediterranean coast. There are even some in Paris, on the heights of Montmartre. Tasting their wines while you taste their cuisine is a delight!
The rich macarons!

And what are the French specialties, the star dishes of the country’s cuisine ?: French gastronomy

Starting in the north, you can try the maroilles cheese or the endives with ham. To the east, the Reims region is known for its champagne . In Alsace the delicious sauerkraut or flammeküeche is typical . In the Franche-Comté area you can enjoy gingerbread, cancoillotte and the famous escargots .
In Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Montélimar aligot and nougat are typical . We can take a break in a bouchon de Lyon, one of the small typical restaurants of the old capital of the Three Gauls, to enjoy some quenelles and a praline cake. Then we can continue the gastronomic journey to the south. In Marseille and its surroundings, we can taste bouillabaisse or ratatouille and finish with a little tarte tropézienne .
To the west, in Toulouse it is typical the foie gras, cassoulet and Roquefort . If we go back north along the Atlantic coast, on the way we can try the canelés from Bordeaux or the gâteau nantais (Nantes cake). Once in Brittany, we can enjoy a hearty seafood platter followed by a buckwheat crepe accompanied by a glass of cider .
We ended the trip in the Paris region, with all its specialties, such as the brie or archiconocidos croissants . But Île-de-France is also, and especially, the land of pastries: do not hesitate to be tempted with the Saint Honoré cake, the Paris-Brest or the macarons .
Other typical dishes are quiche Lorraine , coq au vin , duck confit , gratin dauphinois or boeuf bourgignon . What is your favorite?

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