Global game AFK in the zombie apocalypse game

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Global game AFK in the zombie apocalypse game

In a parallel world, who just committed suicide an unlucky ghost Fang Heng travels. OK? WHAT? To join the game in this world all humans are forced. Shock! If you don’t be an ex-professional player who committed suicide turned out this unlucky. The highest level S-level talent skill Zombie Clone he has? Has been upgraded the S-level talent! Hang up can my Zombie along? Global game AFK in the zombie apocalypse game

(During your offline period, of a wooden logging axe *720 the production your zombie cone group has completed; basic production experience value you have gained; 1921)

(During your offline period, 27,821 tresses cut down your zombie clones; *128,973 you get wood, and basic cutting experience you get skills; 2171921)

To evacuate the entire forest Fang Hang’s zombie clones have already begun. This game is a bit interesting.

Detail about it

Title: global game AFK in the zombie apocalypse game

Status: Ongoing

Author: Di Duo Hei Tie Zhan Shi

Genre: Game

Weekly rank: #1

Monthly Rank: #2

All Time Rank: #11

Decently it started, but I have ever dropped it is the first. In which the author built the world of pure idiocy that is because. That they have he builds up this apocalypse to go to for a certain amount of tHe esteem of years. To eat and live there or you die where you need high stakes which makes it dangerous.

Discuss the Chapter 543: Scared Tree: Global game AFK in the zombie apocalypse game

The word “information” when he heard, over curiously Lin Hanzhong. On the big screen Rows of data appeared. For space modification, this is a blueprint. In the shelter, the original space tearing device Vampires have modified and rift passage a special spatial. they came to District 5 place.

“To invade our world this method be using I think vampire might also”. “Judging from this, from our original world vampires are not from.” Into a Tier 4 passage the space tearing device to modify vampires asked me. Of the database to crack the password managed and of vampires for the space found the blueprint. For our future research, these will be very useful. \

As she spoke, to Fang Heng a magnetic Ding Min handed.

That I managed to get the backup information. Take it back first. For a Tier 3-5spacetearingdevice a modification blueprint? A beat Fang Heng’s skipped.

Good stuff. It was with Victor before he had discussed it. The large-scale space tearing device he could modify and upgrade. Meteorite Company’s early research with, to Tier 4 the space tearing device he could quickly upgrade.

Description: After learning Blueprint can be mastered. Can reuse Blueprint.

Learning requirement: Mechanical construction (Level 59)

At this chapter is first uploaded. In the time passage after completing the transformation, the place the vampires will enter is called District 5. On the keyboard ding Mind’s nimble fingers quickly pressed, since last night, into the shelter of material a large number of the vampires have been sending. After that, in the Sonia Mountain area to their main base the materials they will teleport.

A temporary space tearing passage here we have. Directly we can teleport there.

Fang Heng nodded.

Do they wait for what was? Has been determined the mission target. With them take Ding and the teleportation they could destroy! Of course, with the current strength of the teleportation passage to be able to destroy, he might not beagle.

With the Ding Min but he could still run.

“The most important to say next is what I have. A red button was pressed and as she reached out Ding Min’s expression was solemn. To a picture the big screen switched.

Of a huge ancient tree the image the picture showed. The tree was extremely huge. Into the ground its roots were deep. Of vampire bats hanging upside down, its branches were full of anta few large dark red fruits scattered around there were.

Besides the ancient tree, of water, there were several scarlet pools.

Of the ancient tree, most of the roots are in a pool of water.

Not far from the scenes, on their shoulders with coffins of the ancient tree was walking towards of blood salves a row of blood. The ancient tree when Lin Hanzheng, in surprise suddenly cried.

It’s Angetas!

Frowned and Fang Heng as pulped, what is it?

Angetas, of the vampires the scared tree. Under the Angetas scared tree that the first monarch of vampires legend has it that. Where Angetas is located as for the seventh basement, three pence-level vampires guarding it there are at least. Unknown special ability even Angetas might have.

Hanzheng obtained the rough digestion of the information and asked, “Where is Angetas now?

“In the Sonia Mountain area shelter headquarters in the vampires, seventh basement.

After thinking carefully, to his senses he came back.

Did he think, also villains are not you Scavenger Army?

From invading our world the vampires if we want to cemetery stop, to destroy Angeles we need to think of a way.

“I want to take a look.”

For the time being, I can’t do that. The teleportation passage of higher-tier vampires guarding there is a large number and in our world the headquarters the Sonia Mountain area. Even tighter the defense areas.

Where Angetas is located as for the seventh basement, at least three prince-level Vampires guarding it there are. Seventh basement.

“To go now it’s not a good choice”.

Refused and her head Ding Min shook, But the main control room can take you. Of Angetas there is real-time surveillance footage. To observe an Angetas you can use it.

Okay, let’s go see that.

Okay, I ‘will take you there, but with you, your Licker can’t go. Of the vampires, the Licker’s aura will wake up the rest. dfaho “Said and Ding Min nodded, “as vampires and follow me you guys disguise yourself. To me leave everything. Don’t talk along the way.


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