Go to study in France thanks to Erasmus

Go to study in France thanks to Erasmus

Many Spanish universities have agreements with French universities.
France is one of the  countries most requested  by Spanish and foreign students to carry out their international mobility through  Erasmus + . The exchange program allows you to travel to a country of the European Union or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey, to continue your higher studies, do an adult training or a business internship.
But to go to France on Erasmus + , the procedure is long and it is better to start a year in advance to prepare your documents and thus have them all with you.

Step 1: participate in your university’s Erasmus meeting: Go to study in France thanks to Erasmus

Upon your arrival at the university, or in any case in the first two months, the  international relations department  should inform you about the European exchange program during a meeting.
Interested students may attend other meetings until the application is submitted.
Step 2: go to the international relations department
If this is not the case or if only one meeting is planned, feel free to contact the international relations department. This way you will be able to know the information about the terms, the associated universities or the number of places.

Keep in mind that you will have to present several documents:

A letter of motivation written in Spanish or French sometimes,
An application for the Erasmus scholarship,
A letter of recommendation from two professors,
Your grades.
Step 3: write your motivation letter
The most crucial step is the writing of your motivation letter . Remember that the two main objectives of the Erasmus program are:
Study at an institution of higher education,
Participate in practical training to develop professional and language skills in a French company.
Keep your goal in mind when writing it. The motivation letter for the Erasmus program follows the standards of a classic motivation letter. It should be concise (one page maximum) and include an introduction, a presentation of your educational journey, a development of your arguments, a conclusion and a courtesy formula.
The arguments can be diverse. You can emphasize your  desire to practice French , follow another university model or  discover the business world  in France with the aim of staying there. You can also highlight your desire to  obtain a double degree  and develop your practical skills to  find work easily . Do not hesitate to show your desire to know  French culture  and open your mind to the world.
Step 4: send the necessary documents and the scholarship application
You just need to send the documents and wait for the decision of the international relations department. Feel free to check in with them regularly to find out how the process is going.

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