Good Health is a Great Gift of Nature

Good Health is a Great Gift of Nature
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Good Health is a Great Gift of Nature

Our body is like a machine but it can mend itself if you cut yourself the wound will soon heal if it is kept clean. To keep the body working well we have to look after it accurately.

Exercises make bones and muscles strong, it also leads to good health and it makes people feel good. Some exercises such as walking or playing in the playground require a little effort.

Other exercises such as running, playing sports or swimming look more vigorous and harder.

Our hearts, lungs and muscles work harder. We should aim to do a range of different activities to make our bodies active and fit. Good and healthy food, plenty of exercise, breathing in fresh air, enough sleep and clean habits all help the human body to last a long life. Also, read this to understand better about these concepts.

Good Health is a great blessing for human beings.

In order to maintain health, we should have to lead simple lives.

Without good health a person cannot achieve anything.

The importance of health has increased tremendously in today’s world.

And with that in mind, we need to take great care of our health.

We can improve our health by doing things that are hard to see.

But when you start following them in your life, your health changes dramatically.

For example, eating the right amount of food

Taking care of your physical health and getting 6 to 8 hours of restful sleep a day can be very helpful in improving your health.


In the same way, daily morning walks and light exercise are very important to improve your health.


As the saying goes, Good Health is a Great Gift of Nature

A good body can nurture a good mind.

If your physical health is good and your body system is working very well

Only then will you be able to do your mental work well.


We get our food in different ways.

Good health needs plenty of water.

Water should be fresh and clean.


Food is classified into basic food groups we need to look after our bodies. Healthy living requires eating a balanced diet, keeping clean, getting a good night’s sleep and exercising regularly.

  • To maintain good health you should have good food .
  • All foods have different food importance.
  • Some foods help you to grow.
  • Some foods help your body to fight against germs and preclude infection.
  • Eating only one kind of food cannot do all these jobs.
  • So you need to eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients you want.
  • Take the proper foods then it would say you have a balanced

Keeping all these factors in mind and acting upon them keeps you healthy.

If we divide the food into groups according to what they do for the body.

These groups are carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein fat , vitamins and minerals.


Carbohydrates are the major source of quick energy for us foods in this group also contain fibre which help us with digestion.

Dietary fiber


Dietary fiber is the part of food we cannot digest. It has no food value but helps to move the waste through the digestive system . It has no food value but helps to move the waste through the digestive system it is found in a wide range of foods.

Grain, bread, rice, potato, popcorn, cereal are foods which contain carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are energy- giving foods if you are working or running about a lot you need carbohydrates to give you energy.


Proteins give us energy in bodybuilding foods that make us grow. They help our body to build up and repair tissues and muscles; they enable your body to replace those cells.

Fish, meat, beans, egg, dairy product, yogurt cheese are such kind of food that contains proteins



Fat gives us energy and helps to keep the body warm. Although it is important to have some amount of this group in our diet, too much of these foods can make us fat.

Healthy fats are less processed fats.



We realize the importance of health when we are sick. There may be many causes of diseases for example germs, scarcity of food and air pollution etc.

Similarly, every disease has specific symptoms e.g. cough fever to sore throat, etc. Good Health is a Great Gift of Nature

The human body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit 37 Celsius.

When our body temperature exceeds this limit it is called fever.

A cough is an instant response to our body.

It is due to the soreness and scratchiness of the throat.

The final and important message.

To ensure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.



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