How can we learn to speak German language?

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How can we learn to speak German language?

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How to make a good presentation in German
How can you learn German by living like a German?
How to flirt in German?
It is true that for beginners in the German language, it can sometimes be difficult to embark on German courses, learn to speak in public or integrate in Germany …
That is why motivation has to be your fundamental pillar.
But we, from Superprof, can help you with some tips so that you can improve more quickly.
Listening to music in German, the radio, watching movies in their original version, getting used to speaking German with friends…; All these little tricks are true learning methods that can be very useful.
Since we only have grammar, conjugation or spelling classes when it comes to learning the basics of German.
It can also be useful to go for language immersion to a German-speaking country, or just go for a coffee or a beer with some native Germans who are in your city.

It can be a nice and fun way to learn a foreign language right?: How can we learn to speak German language?

So don’t think twice and go on an adventure to discover the exciting German culture!
How to make a good presentation in German
Regarding your professional career or simply to have a personal knowledge; Speaking German is an extraordinary ability once you know how difficult this language is.
Between declensions, conjugation, spelling and pronunciation; the amount of hours that you are going to have to dedicate to the language are a fact.

But is this dedication really going to be helpful?: How can we learn to speak German language?

The German language is one of the most requested languages, but very few Spaniards can speak it fluently.
Although it is true that the number of students who choose to study German at the institute has been increasing over the years (an increase of 6% in 2016), very few manage to leave the institute with a level sufficient to to have a conversation with a native speaker.
It should be noted that the economy in Germany has been growing considerably, which is why many companies are currently looking for workers who can speak Goethe’s language.
So don’t think twice and start your German classes today, you won’t regret it!
If you live in the capital, surely you would be interested in our German courses in Madrid .
How can you control your nerves when speaking German in front of people?
Intensive courses, afternoon classes, private lessons, internships in Germany; there are types of classes for each type of student.
This can be a way to learn the basics of speaking German .
Because not everyone is cut out to speak a foreign language in front of an audience without problems.
You have to have enough confidence in yourself to control the nerves that arise when speaking in public.
Sometimes, stress can make us lose control of the situation … and if that already happens to us in our native language, imagine in another that is not ours …
We must manage not to get frustrated when we make mistakes as well as look into the eyes of the people who are listening to us.
Learning some phrases and structuring our presentation well can also be a good way to gain confidence and not lose the thread of our presentation.
Start by introducing yourself and introducing the theme you are going to embroider. Are you going to talk to them about architecture, German culture, French culture or better about medicine?
Yes, it is true that I may have exaggerated a bit, because the people who come to see you will already know in advance what you are going to talk about in broad strokes.
But remember the basis that you will never make a fool of yourself. This will help you get off to a smooth start and control your presentation nerves.
Next, present the different parts that you are going to cover in your presentation . This is a good way to organize your ideas before embarking on the main topic in depth.
Then comes the moment of development.
During your presentation, don’t forget to use some linking keywords to make your speech more entertaining and cohesive.
End with a quick and simple conclusion that leads to possible questions.
Do you live in the Catalan capital? Learn this and much more with our German courses in Barcelona .
Yes, it is true that when asking your audience if they have any questions, this can open a debate and thus address points that you may have forgotten and now you have the opportunity to return to them.
However, it can also be possible that you do not understand some people’s question well. You may have prepared your speech thoroughly, but there may always be some vocabulary words for those questions that you don’t know.
In this situation, please do not hesitate to ask me to repeat the question or ask the definition of the German words that you do not understand.
Questions can disturb your speech.
Do not stay with your arms crossed going over the phrase in your head.
This will not help you return to the previous situation and will cause you to lose the confidence that you had originally gained.
So now is the time to jump into the adventure and take action!

How can you learn German by living like a German?

Learning German thanks to a cultural trip in the same country is a good way to learn new languages.
This immersion will help you understand all the German word games and expressions that you can reuse in your day-to-day life.
This method can sometimes be more effective than an online German course , private lessons or even language schools.
But not everyone has the means or the opportunity to live in Germany.

So how can we start German classes to live as if we were in Germany?

Living like a German doesn’t mean drinking beer every day and eating sauerkraut.
Leave the clichés in the closet tightly closed and dare to discover German culture for yourself through art and reading.
It is true that music, cinema and books are much more accessible today than they were 20 years ago.
We can buy German newspapers at newsstands in our city, or we can listen to German radio on the internet.
Watching German movies in their original version is another great way to get in touch with the language. With or without subtitles for the more advanced, the movies will help you perfect your listening comprehension while having fun.
They will also help you to get a more adapted vocabulary .
Radio and music are also very effective. Although without images it can be more difficult to understand the lyrics or the information than from the radio.
This is a very interesting exercise for those who already have a good level.

Is there anything better than enjoying a good pint while learning the language?

Living as Germans can also mean living with Germans . You don’t have to go to Germany to talk to people whose mother tongue is German.
Traveling is nowadays fashionable among many Germans who want to take the opportunity to come to work in Spain. This time you can spend a few hours talking to them, especially in cafes and bars for language exchange.
Who knows, you may make good friends and then they invite you to go to their country …
Talking directly to German speakers will help you learn German faster.
It will help you not only improve your oral expression but also your comprehension .
It will also help you gain confidence in yourself.
The time has come for us to be aware of our level and what skill we have to work on the most: pronunciation, declensions, conjugation, irregular verbs …
How to flirt in German?
When we learn a language, it is also interesting to know some key phrases to flirt . It is a way like any other to integrate into the country.
However, I have bad news for future expats who want to live in Germany: Germans don’t know how to flirt at all.
This is a situation that many Germans can confirm for you.
<Germans are not usually very forward and it is rare that they start talking to a person who interests them …
For years, the number of single people is increasing considerably.

So, will you be able to seduce a German?

Obviously the dance of seduction is not German
This can be a piece of cake for a Spaniard who next to our German friends are true Donjuanes.
To give you a little idea of ​​the gift of seduction of the Germans, we have compiled some phrases:
I’m a writer and I’m writing a phone book, but I don’t have your number yet.
You had to hurt yourself when you fell from paradise …
What tourist sites are there in your city apart from you?
Today I read in the newspaper that kissing makes you happier. I can make you happy?
You seem to be cold. Do you want to use me as a blanket?
Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche.
Now you understand the need to give them some good flirting classes … right?
A language is nothing more than a continuation of words that are intended to form a sentence. Language also helps you understand the cultural codes of a country and the way of thinking of its inhabitants.
These phrases perfectly demonstrate the seductive talent of our German friends.
But if you want to learn to know the Germans you will need time since they do not relate easily with people, you have to find some tricks or tricks …
Why don’t you go for a shared rental? It is a good way to speak the language on a daily basis and integrate and understand the culture of a country.
Although Germans are not very flirtatious, they can be very welcoming to people who settle in their country for a long period of time.

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