How long does it take to perfect your Spanish?

How long does it take to perfect your Spanish?

However, how long does it take to acquire this level of language B1, B2 or C1 (advanced level)?
In 6 months I will know how to speak the language of Cervantes.
Who can teach me Spanish so that I can speak fluently? Can we become multilingual quickly?
It is difficult to quantify the number of hours of classes required to learn Spanish.

Why?: How long does it take to perfect your Spanish?

Because the time to learn Spanish is not fixed and varies from one person to another.
According to an American institute specialized in the teaching of language to diplomats and military in the United States, 480 hours of Spanish would be needed to reach the A1 and A2 language level , which correspond to the initiation level, oral comprehension needs vital and simple speech.
To have a good level of Spanish as a second language, English speakers who do not speak Spanish would need 600-750 hours of lessons, that is, between 6 and 7 months of language classes spread over 24-30 weeks of learning.
However, this figure can vary according to the personal investment and the availability of each person: not all students can logically dedicate more than 20 hours of lessons per week to language learning.

Are you looking for Spanish classes for foreigners ?: How long does it take to perfect your Spanish?

Training time can also vary according to the type of brain memorization (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) and interpersonal motivations: the more determination you have, the more success will be!
Likewise, scientific experiments in the field of neuroscience have shown that, from a sociolinguistic point of view, students who already know how to speak one or two living languages ​​acquire linguistic dispositions more quickly (of Spanish, as far as we are concerned) than others who cannot speak any language.
Thus, it is essential to practice the language to learn it: as English speakers say, use it or loose it .
A synaptic pruning mechanism is also at work , helping to ensure that cells in the human brain, called ‘microglial cells’, destroy less useful synapses to allow more essential synapses to become stronger: a kind of neural Darwinism (concept theorized by the American biologist Gerald Edelman (1929-2014)).
Therefore, a student would lose the ability to speak as a native of Spain if they are not in linguistic immersion.

As a result, it is better to learn Spanish from a young age!

This can be as true as the fact that your mother tongue bears a high degree of lexical similarity to Spanish (if it is a language of Romance origin).
The more one language resembles another, the more its lexical similarity coefficient tends to 1 (100%).
While English and German have only 29% lexical similarity to the Cervantes language, Italian has a similarity coefficient of 0.89 (89%), and Portuguese and French 0.75 (75%). ).
Therefore, the duration of learning Spanish for an Italian speaker, a Portuguese speaker or a French speaker is, in theory, less than that of an English speaker or a German speaker.
Fascinating, right?

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