How to become a German teacher?

How to become a German teacher?

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Languages: what diplomas to have to be a private teacher
Teach school German
Determine the price of your German classes
Finding students for your German classes
Prepare your German classes
You just decided: you are going to teach German.
You master the language, you are a good pedagogue and you really want to pass on your knowledge.
You have therefore considered the possibility of giving private lessons .
Get organized before writing an attractive application when you are a German teacher.
Becoming a German teacher to have an extra income and share your knowledge is a great idea.

However, how do you set your rate?: How to become a German teacher?

How to make yourself known? How do you find a customer who wants to learn German?
You are thinking about these questions, it is normal.
If you go in stages, you will surely become the most requested German teacher in your city.
Languages: what diplomas to have to be a private teacher
Before determining the price of your future German language classes or distance classes, you will need to know what are the diplomas and qualifications required to perform this role.
It should be noted that no diploma is necessary to be a private teacher. The only condition is to be at least 14 years old.
However, being able to demonstrate both your academic training and your language skills will be necessary (German vocabulary, training in German, language stays, ability to teach elementary German, pronunciation, ability to communicate …), if not essential, in order to find students .
German classes: necessary skills in the language
When you write your ad for your German teaching classes , you will need to specify your level.
If you only did German for one year and you have not spoken it again, it will surely be difficult for you to find students.
Although it is not necessary to have any mandatory title, it will be necessary for you to be able to demonstrate your skills.
You have to inform yourself well before becoming a German teacher.
At this stage, you will have to determine your level of German.

How many years have you studied it?: How to become a German teacher?

Have you lived in Germany for a year?
Is German your mother tongue ?
Answer these questions in order to refine your ad even better.
If you want to find students for your German classes, at Superprof, you can teach German classes  online .

Teach school German: How to become a German teacher?

If you can justify a good level of the language,  you can give tutoring classes without having any diploma and without being a teacher. However, try to teach German to students who are less proficient than you.
For example, if you are in the second year of high school, you can help ESO students to progress.
However, it will cost you more to teach students who are completing higher education.
So that your profile as a German teacher has more weight, why not pass a level test?
The TestDaf, for example, is a comprehensive and recognized level test. Evaluate both your oral and written level (expression and comprehension).
If you want to give school German classes to students, it is the most adapted, because it validates a general level.
You can also contact the nearest Goethe Institut in order to find out about the diplomas they offer.
The most general are the ” Goethe-Zertifikat “, recognized and reliable.

Looking for German classes for beginners?

Teach business German classes
We find many teachers on the private tutoring market who teach professional German. They are often aimed at adults who want to pursue their career in the international arena.
Given the economic weight of Germany within the European Union, speaking the country’s language fluently is a real advantage.
To improve, they are going to need you!
Taking tests from a professional German will make you stand out.
You have the possibility to pass more specific level exams than the previous ones.

How to pass a level test to speak Business German?

The Widaf test has been created to respond to the needs of companies.
Test your Business German skills .
The PWD (of the Goethe Institut) is also recognized by companies.
The GDS (Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom) is the highest diploma in professional German, it even allows you to  teach in Germany !
The teachers of the educational system
German teachers at the school and institute often give tutoring classes to earn extra income. If this is your case, do not forget to mention the number of years that you have practiced your profession.
It also specifies the year in which you approved the opposition.
Being a full professor is an added value.

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