How to become a good personal trainer?

How to become a good personal trainer?

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Everything a personal trainer is not
The diplomas that complete the experience of a
Maintain credibility as a personal trainer
Marketing and commerce: develop personal training activity at home
Teaching people to feel better about themselves, to enjoy their lives and to help them progress in their sports practice could be one of the most beautiful and enriching professions. A pr who works in a fitness room on his own or who gives private lessons at home is a worker of wellness and fitness for his clients.
Of American origin, the role of the personal trainer (also known as the “personal trainer” across the Atlantic) spread like wildfire in Europe in the 1990s. Fifteen or twenty years later, this profession is still surrounded by prejudices, such as the false belief that it is enough to be muscular and know how to exercise to work as a. It’s like saying that it is enough to not make spelling mistakes to work as a writer …
It’s the same with sport: being a personal trainer at home requires scientific and technical training, an advanced level of practice and another important set of personal skills .
That will be the goal of this article: to take a closer look at the role of the personal trainer.
Everything a personal trainer is not
The professions related to sports have experienced a division and a sometimes forced specialization. Therefore, we must remember that a is not :
a sports teacher,
a physical education teacher,
a sports entertainer,
nor a specialist in physical preparation.
A personal trainer at home is much more than a sports teacher.

The personal trainer is not an official of the State: How to become a good personal trainer?

Take, for example, the case of a sports teacher: a civil servant in category A, whose job consists of training, training and promoting physical exercise and sports. He does not give individual classes to help his students get in shape as a  does at home with his clients. Sports teachers are in charge of large groups, looking for promising young people and training students seeking sports titles. In addition, their role also consists of promoting sports practice in a certain institution.
The personal trainer does not work in the school environment: the Physical Education teacher is a qualified teacher who has passed an opposition and competition phase and is in charge of transmitting theoretical, technical and practical knowledge related to sports (gymnastics, group sports … ) in a college or institute. It does not give physical training classes ( cardio training , bodybuilding, joint reinforcement, fitness , etc.) to its students, but rather brings them closer to the level of sports practice required by the official national education program. These are people with a university degree and a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training. Personal trainers have even more extensive training.

The personal trainer at home is not a physical trainer or a sports entertainer: How to become a good personal trainer?

A physical trainer is above all a high-level athlete who maintains contact with great athletes. Their mission is to accompany coaches and prepare athletes with the aim of winning a competition, for which they practice in associations (national federations and municipal clubs), both public and private (even in companies).
They are responsible for ensuring the success of athletes that the club remains in a leadership position and works on their physical competence to ensure that their body is prepared for the sport in question.
In short , we cannot confuse a personal trainer with a sports entertainer. Why? Because the perspective they take with regard to physical activity is not the same. The sports entertainer plays an initiating role. Give group classes to promote sport. Its audience consists mainly of children, the disabled (through adapted training programs), beginners in the initiation phase, etc. So what training and what diplomas do home personal trainers need to have?
Are you looking for a personal trainer ?

The diplomas that complete the experience of a


In Great Britain, the annual salary of an online and / or face-to-face ranges from € 16,300 at the beginning of their career, € 35,000 towards the middle of their career, and € 40,700 for an expert. In the United States, in 2015, the median salary for a is about $ 31,000 (€ 28,392) per year. So we can say that a can earn a very good living when he gets some experience.
Good training will be the key to success.
In Spain there is the Spanish Federation of Personal Trainers and Fitness (FEEPYF) that classifies sports qualifications into two groups, the regulated (also called “official”) and the non-regulated. At the moment, within the official qualifications to become a  we only find these three titles:
Bachelor, Diploma or Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Professional Training, Training Cycles, Higher and Medium Sports Technicians
Official Certificate of Professionalism
Any of these titles will increase your credibility as a home sports services specialist.

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