How to choose your university in the Arab countries?

How to choose your university in the Arab countries?

Morocco, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates are the three countries where you can live and study without risk of being attacked by an Islamic extremist group (Al Qaeda or Daesh), Sunnis or Islamist supporters of strict Wahhabi Islam.
One year in Dubai and it takes … financial analyst. Learning Arabic can open you many doors that you would never have contemplated.
Unfortunately, no one would like to study in Mogadishu, Baghdad or Damascus.
Students focus on Doha, Abu Dhabi, Amman or the city of Dubai.
The latter is the only one in the world that has created a free zone dedicated exclusively to higher education: it is a neighborhood campus where there are branches (let’s call them by name) of the most prestigious universities in the world.

However, we must analyze a series of criteria to choose the university that we will apply for: How to choose your university in the Arab countries?

Your level of Arabic language,
The security of the country,
The Arabic one wishes to learn (literary Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, dialect Arabic, etc.),
The price of local life,
Job opportunities.
Living in a closed or obscurantist country can also backtrack: Saudi Arabia, for example, is not the best student in terms of respect for women’s rights, human rights and fundamental freedoms.
On the other hand, people who practice the Muslim religion will be able to go there to study Islamic sciences with the best teachers within a Koranic school.
Another criterion for choosing an Arab university : choose an accessible faculty at your level.
Access to universities in Dubai, Morocco, Tunisia or Lebanon is very competitive and elitist. If you are planning such a study project, plan ahead to work hard in Spain, improve the image of your future grades, earn honors, or earn honors during high school.
Of course, the universities of the Arab world are not the ideal place to fight against socio-economic inequalities.
However, if you are tempted by this project, put all the meat on the grill to achieve it!

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