How to find students for ELE classes?

How to find students for ELE classes?

If you decide to start as a private (and therefore freelance) ELE teacher, it will be important to know where to find your first ELE students .
Start by creating a small advertisement to photocopy and place in some public places or in some establishments or stores .
For example, hanging it on your college bulletin board can be a great way to find your first students.
In large schools or universities , there are always foreign students who still have problems with Spanish. ELE support courses can attract their attention: oral comprehension, written expression, introductory classes to Spanish civilization, Spanish culture, etc., to suit the consumer.

Is your digital identity important to make yourself known?: How to find students for ELE classes?

Don’t forget to include your contact details in the ad and ask if you can post your ad on the school bulletin board.
Local stores are also an excellent showcase for these types of advertisements. Of course, do not take it for granted and ask the owner if you can hang your ad.
Word of mouth will work great! Either through the posters or talking about your activity around you, you will finally find the Spanish students you need to teach.
When looking for students, the Internet can also be very useful.
Some platforms, like Superprof, offer help in your search . All you will have to do is create a profile (in which you indicate how much you charge for each class, where you live, what classes you have scheduled, etc.) and wait for nearby students to contact you. By offering Spanish classes online, you increase your chances of finding students.
With the use of the internet you will also be creating a digital identity . To make yourself known, you can create a Facebook page, Instagram or create your own website. Future students will be able to find you through these means and discover their abilities.
Do not hesitate to detail everything you offer (intensive courses, evening classes, workshops, introductory classes, private lessons, online courses, etc.).
Create a small business card with your contact details so they can get in touch with you if you come across someone interested in learning Spanish.
Of course, do not forget to publish an advertisement about your professional activity in the local newspapers . Maybe you can publish an article about your profession to have more visibility.

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