How to find students to teach Chinese?

How to find students to teach Chinese?

To launch your career as a private teacher, the most difficult thing is still finding students for your Chinese classes .
To do this, there are several methods.

Propose Chinese language classes in your close circle

The first stage, and no less important, is to make your new professional activity known to your close environment. Maybe word of mouth is what leads you to meet your first students, eager to learn Chinese !
Spread the word among your family and friends. In turn, they will be able to inform their closest environment.

Then let your neighbors know about your activity!: How to find students to teach Chinese?

From door to door or with small announcements that you leave in the mailboxes: these are effective techniques to get it out there quickly!
Then, you will have to pay a visit to the shops in your neighborhood. Most will accept your ad in hand, others will even have a reserved area in which to deposit them.
This method can pay off if you live in a big city.
For example, if you leave your ad in a store in Madrid , you will reach a greater number of people. Also, think about the supermarkets as they are full of future students !
When a student or their parents look for a tutor, the latter’s location is one of the most important criteria to consider.
On the other hand, do not neglect your ad: It has to attract attention and above all contain crucial information such as:
The type of class : in the afternoons, afternoons, at a distance, at home, intensive, etc.
The target audience : Chinese language classes for school children, university students, adults.
The learning tools and educational supports used,
Your references : pedagogy, diplomas, experiences, language stays in China, etc.
Make yourself known in companies and schools
As the 2nd world economic power, China establishes many economic and cultural ties with various countries, Spain is one of them

Can your Chinese course interest high school and university students?: How to find students to teach Chinese?

Next stop institutes and universities.
In school establishments you will be able to find most of your future students for your classes in the Confucian language !
A big advantage:
In Spain, schools do not teach Chinese as a compulsory language (English and French are the languages ​​par excellence), so you could offer extracurricular classes in Chinese so that students have a first contact with the culture and the bases of this language.

Do you want to teach business Chinese in companies?

Then, you will have to go to the big multinationals.
In the near future, mastering Chinese will be a great professional asset to be part of a large business structure.
Offer your services to improve oral and written comprehension of the Chinese language .
Superprof to teach Chinese easily?
Students, bilingual certified teachers, Chinese natives … To find your first students: sign up for Superprof!
A modern solution that will allow you to be visible quickly.
The use of the Internet is something undeniable today, for this reason, more and more Internet users turn to Superprof to find a private teacher .
When we talk about the Internet, we are talking about social networks.
Why not search directly for your students on their favorite playing field: Facebook and Twitter.
In this way, they will consider you a very modern and super connected teacher, so you will seduce a greater number of students!

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