How to get the most out of your Arabic classes

How to get the most out of your Arabic classes

After starting the classes, your language skills have been improving. You are motivated, you have a good native Arabic teacher, with a good teaching method and an open mind, and you have an inexhaustible thirst to know the culture of the Arab-Muslim world.
But you think your level grows more slowly than when you started taking classes. Why? How can you get the most out of your Arabic classes?
Taking care of yourself physically, reviewing and practicing regularly are the tools to get the most out of your learning.
Start by taking care of yourself physically so your brain can absorb knowledge quickly and effortlessly. It is important:
sleep well
hydrate well
eat well
oxygenate your body

eliminate distractions during your study sessions: How to get the most out of your Arabic classes

To give your full attention during your private lessons, your body must be in its best shape. A student who listens to his teacher has already completed 80% of the memorization work. On the other hand, if you are tired, distracted and dispersed, the work environment is noisy, you are hungry or you are tense (stretching is important), you will not be focused during your classes.
In addition, fearlessly asking your teacher questions and working regularly are the keys to optimal and effective learning. Forget the idea that there are dumb questions, as you will greatly appreciate your teacher’s answers. So don’t hold back your questions; the teacher is at your disposal to awaken the arabic speaker in you!
Your native teacher will get more involved in the classes if you are interested in him: ask him about his origins (if he speaks Egyptian, if he is from a Maghreb country, etc.) to establish an exchange relationship.
But keep in mind that you will have to put in a lot of effort and regularly review the concepts taught in your Arabic classes. Find thirty minutes or an hour a day to read the alphabet, write vocabulary words, and review grammar. This effort and this rigor will be very beneficial for your learning.

If you want to practice the language on your own, you can:

Take classes online.
Read the Egyptian press: newspapers, written in cultured Arabic, are a great way to practice every day.
Planning a linguistic stay in a Maghreb country (Tunisia or Egypt, for example) to immerse yourself in the Arab culture and language.
It is decided: next summer you will go to Egypt or Morocco to perfect your level. But before thinking about the holidays, you have to have a certain level. Do you want to know what are the objectives to be achieved in order to have a good level of Arabic? Keep reading…

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