How to learn Italian while traveling?

How to learn Italian while traveling?

BlogLanguagesItalianLearn Italian in Italy: Study, Work and Travel: How to learn Italian while traveling?

Rome, an ideal city to learn Italian
Why learn business Italian?
The best student cities in Italy
Good reasons to learn Italian in Italy
Have you always dreamed of learning Italian?
Are you passionate about the history of art and archeology?
Why not take the plunge and go learn this beautiful language in Italy?
Not only will you be able to discover a new way of living, but it will also be much easier to retain the basics of the language thanks to this adventure.

And what an adventure!: How to learn Italian while traveling?

In full immersion, it is often easier to perfect your language skills than in a language school. As a beginner, you will quickly learn the most useful Italian vocabulary and expressions in order to make you understand and express yourself.
Today, many young people decide to go abroad on a long trip. To do an internship, a university course, to work, expatriation is a real advantage. In Spain, one student in three has completed part of their studies in another country. The opportunity to combine language and culture in a common project.

You dare?

Rome, an ideal city to learn Italian
If you decide to settle in Rome, you have chosen well.
Studying Italian in Rome is one of the best ways to discover the language.
This city with so much history, is 10 times bigger than Madrid. And who says greater surface, also says possibility of alternatives. Indeed, Rome is a cosmopolitan city that will welcome you properly.
Like many capitals and large cities, you can find numerous associations to practice the language . Classes in multilingual cafes or at home, you will have where to choose to progress. And you won’t have to wait long before you make some friends who will adopt you.
Italians have a reputation for being very hospitable, but try to stay away from the more touristy places. Get lost in the city and meet the inhabitants who will not hesitate to make you discover the city from another perspective.
The Colosseum is one of the historical remains still visible in Rome.
The Italian capital is also the best place to learn standard Italian. Even if the city has its own little accent, especially when it comes to the pronunciation of the “s”, it will be more rare for you to be confronted with dialects than in the south of the country.
That will save you a lot of confusion in your learning.
And don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Rome. Known for its historical vestiges, the city shelters numerous places classified in the world heritage of Unesco. A way to go beyond the simple rules of grammar and understand the history of the language and your country …

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