How to prepare your German classes

How to prepare your German classes

You have established your rate and you already have students: the time has come to prepare your German classes well !


Make a list of the objectives to achieve with your students: How to prepare your German classes

Each student has different needs. You will have to adapt well to their expectations .
Define with them from the first class the skills to be reviewed.
Do they need to progress in speaking ? Should they learn to master German grammar ?
Involve your student during their German classes so that they are motivated.
To learn a language, you have to be motivated and rigorous.
It is up to you to make them want to improve their progression by setting clear, logical and defined goals . This will also allow you to prepare German exercises appropriate to their profile.

Define the development of classes: How to prepare your German classes

Before each class, clearly specify the development of the German lesson that is going to be given.
Afterwards, you can spend the first five minutes of class explaining to your student the skills they have to acquire and the rules they are going to learn in German.
Prepare the exercises at home to organize yourself well.

Distance yourself from school

Support classes should not be a burden to your student.
It is necessary to be able to distance yourself from the school environment and propose fun and lively classes that interest your student.
We are most effective when we enjoy ourselves.
Use media such as excerpts from German films, music or YouTube videos so that Goethe’s language no longer has secrets for your students.

Take stock after each session

Many tutors take stock of the class after each session.
This allows students to be involved in their learning of German and to make them participate in their progression.
Do not hesitate to propose complementary exercises to complete your class, movies that you recommend watching and objectives for the next session.
A motivated student will have even more desire to learn.

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