How to set the rates for Chinese classes?

How to set the rates for Chinese classes?

Fixed price per month, depending on the number of classes, at the time … How to rate Chinese classes?
The remuneration of a Chinese language teacher varies according to several criteria.
If you decide to join a private body like Acadomia, for example, the question is unnecessary. All teachers are paid in the same way.
Through these organizations, the hour of a foreign language class can be charged, on average, between € 10 and € 15 .
On the contrary, if you choose to be part of a platform that acts as an intermediary between teachers and students, then it is you who has to set the rates.

To do this, you have to study the prices applied by the competition based on: How to set the rates for Chinese classes?

Your location : an hour of a Chinese class can cost € 20 on average in Madrid and € 15 in Oviedo.
Your qualification : a university degree is a sample of your knowledge and your command of Mandarin. Your fees will be higher than those of a professor who is still studying.
Your experience : can you show 15 years of experience teaching Chinese? After having taught and prepared many students, Chinese linguistics has no secret for you: this experience pays for itself.
Your profile : as a native, your mother tongue is Chinese. Your cultural knowledge could make a difference. In addition, you also master the pronunciation and accentuation of Chinese expressions.
It is important to set a rate / hour according to the market to attract a large number of students
Each teacher is different and has a different way of teaching depending on the needs of the student.
Above all, do not forget to make your references known (degrees, experience, language stays, pedagogy, etc.) will be the ones that make you stand out from the other teachers and get more students, if possible.

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