How to teach Math classes by webcam

How to teach Math classes by webcam

Currently, you can consider  teaching Math lessons online  via webcam , for example with Superprof.

This method, very fashionable lately, has many advantages:

  • You don’t waste time getting to your student’s house
  • You are more flexible in terms of your schedule
  • You can exchange files more easily with students
  • The student is in a comfortable and stress-free environment

Giving math classes online (by webcam) you can also save , not only on public transport or gasoline. In fact, the time you spend on the move can be used to teach more classes, so you will earn more money.

Trick to teach math classes
Online Math classes have many advantages.

Keep in mind that the  price of a private math class includes transportation costs. Your classes should be more affordable, which will attract more students!

However, videoconference math classes also have their drawbacks , such as cuts due to a poor Internet connection or lack of communication with the student.

To avoid problems, it is better to prepare effectively:

  1. Use Google Docs
    This page allows you to see in real time what your interlocutor writes. Therefore, it is an indispensable resource for distance classes, perfect for explaining  how to solve a problem  or an equation, for example.
  2. Using geometry programs
    As for example GeoGebra, many programs offer the opportunity to present  complex geometric figures to the student directly from your computer.
  3. Communicate by email or WhatsApp
    So your students can send you  the math exercises  they have done. And you can send them the corrections.
  4. Share your screen
    Using screen sharing functionality is a great way to  teach effective online classes.  The student can understand what you explain thanks to your diagrams, your examples …

Even the most reluctant are seduced by videoconferencing classes. At Superprof, 32% of teachers offer this type of class How to teach Math classes by webcam

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