I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

Video games have revolutionized leisure and entertainment globally, surpassing sports and cinema. The gaming industry also offers great job opportunities as well as a very attractive sector where you can launch your professional career in a wide variety of areas. From video game designer, video game programmer, modeler or player, among other professions.


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Global overview of the gaming industry: I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

The video game industry already had a very growing evolution in recent years, but with the covid-19 pandemic it has ended up taking off a huge take-off. During the last year 2020 there have been different milestones that will mark the next steps in the gaming sector. On the one hand, the industry experienced a growth of 20% that translates into a global turnover that exceeds 150,000 million euros. Incredible but true!

With the confinement to which we have been forced to face the virus, there was a growth of gamers or video game players on all platforms (pc, console and mobile), a moment that leading brands took advantage of to renew their offer of video game consoles. The growth has been experienced in the number of gamers but also in viewers, which is expected to continue growing by 90% in 2021.

The near future of the video game sector is expected to be very positive with the activation of 5G that will allow mobile games to grow much more.

Faced with this encouraging situation, choosing the gaming sector to train, take your first steps and grow professionally is a very wise and wise decision.

What professions exist in video game creation?: I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

Many and very diverse professionals intervene in the creation of a video game. Let’s make a list of the main professions that are necessary to make a video game:

  • Videogame designer
  • Videogame developer
  • QA or quality auditor
  • Sound technician
  • Video game tester
  • Marketer or marketing professional
  • Sales Responsible

These would be the main ones, but other professionals also intervene in the success of a video game , such as the role of the gameplay youtuber , a profile very in vogue nowadays due to the importance and repercussion that their video game reviews have on the final consumer.

Without a doubt, the profession that sounds the most is that of a video game programmer. If you like video games and programming, MATCH! You have found your ideal career path. Whether it is to get to work with the greats in the league of companies such as Ubisoft, EA Games or Konami, among many others, in smaller video game studios or to create your own video game, becoming a video game programmer will open many great doors for you for your professional future.

What does a video game developer do?: I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

The role of a video game programmer is very varied and has to be flexible as it has to work in line with all the professionals involved in the creation of a video game. It is mainly responsible for giving life to the design of the video game that the designer has made, through programming.

Video game developers must have logical but highly creative minds capable of understanding designs. In addition, mastering the languages ​​of C #, C ++, Python and Js will be of great help when developing video games.

What game engine do I choose? Unity 3D or Unreal Engine?

If you decide to study to be a video game programmer you will find yourself with a first big dilemma, which video game engine or game engine do I choose?

Far from being a transcendental question, the choice of the game engine will allow you to work in one way or another or go to one platform or another.

The two game engines par excellence and the best known are Unity 3D and Unreal Engine . Both are used both by large companies and by students and beginners of the video game. The possibilities offered by both engines are tremendous and you will achieve impressive results.

We are going to look at the main differences between Unity and Unreal so that you can clarify yourself better before deciding which one to start with.

Unity 3D is a multiplatform video game engine, so if you are going to develop mobile games you already have it clear. In addition, it has a very simple learning curve, uses the C # programming language (c sharp) and has a large community behind it, so you will have a lot of documentation available.

Unreal Engine allows you to program with the C ++ language and with a technology called Blueprints that gives greater flexibility when programming and allows you to create a video game without having much programming knowledge. I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

Both engines will give you very optimal results and you can quickly train to master them.

What do I have to study to be a video game programmer?

To be a video game developer you can choose self-study but the path that will allow you to train as a true programming professional is through a video game programming course .

Professional career in Videogame Creation. Design & Programming with Unreal

Tokio School

Professional career in Videogame Creation. Design & Programming with Unreal

Whether you are looking to retrain professionally, you can train to create your own video games, launch your own company or get a job in the video game sector. I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

In a programming course you will learn to design a video game meeting established objectives, you will learn the C # or C ++ programming languages depending on the game engine on which your training is based: Unreal Engine or Unity 3D . You will be trained in all the necessary tools in the process of producing and creating a video game. I want to be a video game developer. What to study?

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