Improve your level of Arabic with Arabic pen pals

Improve your level of Arabic with Arabic pen pals

Receiving a letter from a friend has its charm. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood.: Improve your level of Arabic with Arabic pen pals

You may be thinking that writing letters with another person is more than obsolete, but we assure you that it is a great way to practice writing. And if you insist on sending letters in a hurry, you can at least try it by email.
There are pages on the Internet that help you find who will be your pen pal. Once you both agree to start this experience, you will have access to that person’s postal address or email so that you can start sending letters or emails. The theme is totally free, you can tell him what you want. Likewise, how often you exchange cards is your choice. The idea is that the exchange flows naturally.

We present the best websites to get in touch with native Arabic speakers: Improve your level of Arabic with Arabic pen pals

To learn Arabic in an entertaining way, there is nothing better than speaking in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere with a friend who is on the other side of the planet.
Correspondence with a native speaker  has a great pedagogical value: in  addition to learning new words, you will be able to  discover the most colloquial language,  as well as expressions and set phrases that are not usually learned in Arabic classes.
Finally, tell you that there have been cases in which pen pals know each other. And is that imagine being talking to a person for years through letters or emails and never having seen them in person.

Learn Arabic in linguistic tandems

What has been a language exchange . You can do it through the web or in person.
We recommend that you look for a person with whom you can meet in person since the conversation will flow better, you can do different activities and you will not have the impression of spending even more hours learning a language through the screen.
The objective is that during the time you are together you will speak for a while in Spanish (or in a language that you master and the other person wants to learn) and for a while in Arabic.
If in your area there are no people who speak Arabic, you cannot meet people who do not live together due to restrictions or you are not much about making plans with strangers, do the tandem on webcam ! You can try to meet, for example, once a week and connect. During the time that you are talking by video call you can talk about how your week has gone, learn about each other or discuss a topic.
In the same way, there are also language cafes , which are spaces (coffee shops, associations) where people who want to converse in a language meet. Sometimes there is an event organizer launching a discussion topic and other times it is a more informal conversation, like having coffee with a friend.
Learn Arabic in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to find your linguistic tandem?

Conversation Exchange
Open Language Exchange
We advise you to ask at the EOI and the Faculties of Letters, these institutions usually organize linguistic tandems.

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