Infos law chapter 130

    Infos law chapter 130

    Infos law chapter 130 Oh? Softly


    Dan-I, what’s wrong?


    Eung Jiho! What’s that place for?

    It’s the party guests’ restroom.

    That means… Ruda comes to this party too… but, why?

    And she even dressed up as a woman. I mean, she’s originally a girl, but still.

    Why? Do you want to rest there?

    Usually, we have to make a reservation first tub for s, we can just use it. So tell me anytime.

    Wow, Eon Jiho, it cusses a sore pass? Expect you.

    You- don’t b like, we are going to leave soon. Why don’t you stay here together with us now?

    N-no, it’s not like that, I just


    Oh! Come to think of it

    It’s too peaceful far a part in an internet novel

    Didi Ruda comes because it has something to do worth the novel?

    It’s like a sign an important incident will happen

    Let’s go of this hand!

    I know it, it’s happening

    Who permits you to hold y brother’s hand?

    Actress Lee Nara

    If he’s your brother, then he’s my brother too!

    Member of an idol Group “Day Dream” Woo Rhino

    Aweosne1 Korea’s best actress, lee Nara, and

    The best idol singer, Woo Rihon are here together


    Here it comes, the character’s explanations.

    But why are they fighting?


    And the person between them

    Just how would want you as their family

    Lee Nara and Woo Rihon are family?

    Lee Nara’s real Name si Woo RI Nara

    Breaking news! Its breaking news

    You are really like e cat

    How dare you steal my son?

    Mom, it’s not like that

    Wait, are not you? Deputy General Manager Moon that I overthrow 10 years ago.

    Exaclty1 I crawled up here to destroy you

    This party is a bit weak.

    I know right


    I need to get out of here

    Wait; let me get some fresh air by myself.

    Hey, I want to join too.

    Don’t me

    Right now he doesn’t want to be with a Korean who has natural liver hair.

    You don’t have to be that series.

    Don’t me.


    I forget that this is a novel, but that thought suddenly comes in.

    If it wasn’t for Eon Jiho, I wouldn’t have come.

    By the way, what brought Ruda here, with that kind of attire?

    Will we be able to see each other later at night?

    Ah? Do you want me to do more?

    Wow, Pink hair!

    Where are you trying to run away? You don’t even know your place.

    True, she doesn’t even know her place.


    Who are you standing next to?

    I was wondering what kind of great background uo have…

    Why does it have to be this kiln of an ordinary kid with nothing?

    Such a low level

    Excuse me!

    Can you tell me one by one?

    You have some business with me, right?

    Six: flinch

    Since I’m going to the party as the web novel’s male lead partner, of course, I’ve expected this kind o situation to happen!

    You think I don’t deserve to be by the Eon Jiao’s side, and what it must be you who should stand there instead of me right?


    Are you crazy?

    What’s; your name?

    Do you mean me?

    You look great next to Eon Jiho!

    I can simply tell it just by hearing your name, its destiny


    You there! You are pure Korean, right?

    Of course

    You passed too.


    Wait what about me?

    My name is Kim Hansol1 I am 17 years old.

    I’m sorry, maybe in your next life.

    Nimbi mean next time…

    Wait, it’s not time for this!

    You! You don’t seem to understand what’s going on!

    You don’t deserve to be next to Jiho you get it?

    Of course, I’m just talking about that position temporarily

    You can just think of me as a plant next to him

    Isn’t she the one that’s with Eon Jiho? dfaho

    Then, we managed to seduce her, we’re on the Sam level as Eon Jiho

    Oh? I didn’t expect this.


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