Is it really difficult to learn Arabic?

Is it really difficult to learn Arabic?

Are you fascinated by the Arab world? Do you dream of learning to speak this beautiful international language?
Don’t you dare to jump in because you think it’s a very difficult language to assimilate in the short term?

Arabic is not a difficult language: Is it really difficult to learn Arabic?

Forget about preconceptions! Even if it is true that the Arabic language presents difficulties, especially when you start to learn it.
It is a totally opposite language to Spanish. Do you get lost reading from right to left? It is normal, you will have to forget about all the linguistic references learned so far, and learn the basis of the Arabic language, starting with the Arabic alphabet, grammar and pronunciation.
Learning to read and write Arabic requires time and dedication, but that does not prevent you from starting to learn, and in parallel, the oral Arabic language, thanks to phonetic transcription.
You can learn to pronounce consonants and vowels and begin to familiarize yourself with the rules of Arabic grammar, all at your own pace.
Before you get discouraged, it is important to remember that learning a foreign language is neither easy nor difficult.
Learning Russian or Chinese also requires effort and sacrifice, as does learning the alphabet from the first day of your Arabic classes. If you like the idea of ​​speaking a new language, you are motivated and you want the accompaniment of an expert in the language, then there is no reason why you cannot achieve your goals.

Work and motivation: Is it really difficult to learn Arabic?

If you already speak more than one foreign language, it will probably cost you less to learn Arabic.
Now, you will need patience.
If they propose to you to learn Arabic in a month, you will surely think that it is completely impossible. However, in this period of time, you will be able to learn the first words and some phrases in Arabic. You will be able to start studying the Arabic alphabet and pronunciation, and also immerse yourself in the particular sonority of the language.

Arabic classes and tools to speak the language quickly

Classes at home are part of the best solutions when it comes to learning quickly. The Arabic classes will be personalized. This type of individualized teaching will allow you to improve in a short period of time.

How to learn a foreign language quickly?

Memorizing vocabulary is essential (Long live the Arabic vocabulary cards!). You will have to get used to new grammar rules. It is also necessary to become familiar with the new sounds and learn to pronounce the learned words correctly. Practicing speaking and recording yourself is a very instructive exercise.

Classes in the late afternoon

Taking Arabic classes in the late afternoon, taking an intensive course and practicing daily is the best way to develop language skills and move quickly from beginner to intermediate level. Learning the language can be facilitated by multiplying interactive media (web pages to learn Arabic online, Arabic-Spanish dictionary, exercises through mobile applications, videos, audios …).
Once the first stages of learning this Semitic language are passed, it is much easier to enrich the vocabulary and learn to read and write literary Arabic.
Whether you learn Arabic in a language center or with a private teacher, the Arabic training will take a while.


Language travel

A linguistic trip or stay in an Arabic-speaking country will make you progress enormously. With total immersion, the student will practice the language daily with native speakers, it is a very constructive training.
Once you can speak Arabic fluently, the next stage in your learning will be to learn Quran Arabic to read the Quran, study Islam and Arabic culture.

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