Is the spelling level getting worse?

Is the spelling level getting worse?

Are Spanish spelling worse now than before ?

“It has always been said that before it was spoken better, but now it is true”, says Pancracio Celdrán, author of numerous works on language. Celdrán warns of the terrible moment in which his tongue is passing.

What is the reason for this worsening then?

The worsening of the spelling level of the Spanish.
The spelling of the Spanish is getting worse.
  • Very complicated rules? Some explain the low level of spelling in Spain due to the presence of complex rules in the Spanish language. It is true that some rules are difficult. However, we cannot attribute the responsibility for the low spelling level of young people to the language itself. Spelling rules have a history and make the Spanish language rich.
  • Changes in the school program? Before, classes were more focused on spelling, grammar, and verbs; dictation was a daily practice. Today multidisciplinary activities are in fashion. With so many new ways of learning, perhaps the essentials are not being overlooked?
  • The SMS language. For example, “hello, the math book is lost, I don’t know where this is, because of worries, I’m going to get in” means “hi, I’ve forgotten the math book, I don’t know where it is, but I don’t know where you are. worry, I will find it ». The goal is to shorten the message and at the same time hide the low level in spelling.
  • Hasn’t spelling been neglected? For example, in high school it is not usually practiced. Is the spelling level getting worse?

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