Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture

Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture

Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture

Learning a language is first and foremost discovering a new culture!: Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture

To learn Mandarin and the history of China, it is better to go through a native tutor : if you do not raise your head from your Chinese-Spanish dictionary, you run the risk of not being seduced by Asian culture!
It is true that China fascinates: the country is known for its “Zen” doctrine and for the beauty of its landscapes and architecture.
The first thing that strikes us is the religious aspect.

In China, spiritualities are multiple and are inscribed in different doctrines: Learn Chinese to discover an ancient culture

Chinese astrology,
Feng shui, etc.
China even has its own mythology , in which each God is presented as a former sovereign who had reigned in the country.
Studying Chinese theology allows a better understanding of the characteristics of the ideograms.
For example, the Chinese character 藥, has its origin in the god Shénong, also called “the divine farmer”, and means the plants that heal, since Shénong is the pioneer of agricultural techniques in China.
In addition to religions, China is famous for its sophisticated arts and sometimes difficult for Europeans to master.
The art of cooking is a true discipline in China.

For this reason, there are numerous schools specialized in Chinese arts in Spain:

Martial arts,
Chinese medicine and acupuncture,
Taï Chi and Qi Gong (Chinese yoga) ,
Chinese origami,
Feng shui,
Chinese pottery.
The learning of the Chinese language and culture is done as the linguistic teachings progress. The student will thus be able to decipher the traditions of the Asian country and facilitate their trips abroad.

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